3 words through which women lose their femininity

Techno 9 December, 2017

2017-12-09 13:54

3 words through which women lose their femininity
These three words seemed locked in the grip of all our desires and vitality. Years later they will force a grown woman to deny themselves even basic pleasures, turning her life in a deep gray.

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Those three words that can kill any desire in the little girl becoming a woman in the future, reports Rus.Media. These words seemed locked in the grip of all our desires and vitality. Years later they will force a grown woman to deny themselves even basic pleasures, turning her life in a deep gray.

“You’re a girl! Why your dress is already stained?”

And here’s a twenty. You wear a new dress – and inadvertently shed some negook. From the whole range of adjectives runs through your head. You’ll recall that you’re a slob and piggy. And the girls can’t look like this. And such no one will ever love you.

“You’re a girl! Sit quietly for five minutes!”

And here’s twenty-five. And you’re trying to force yourself to live in peace. Want nothing else but evenings in the family circle. Not want walks with friends, active life. Not to dream about creativity and self-realization. After all, someone said that enough diapers and pans. You need to sit quietly in one place, to do origami, and mosaics. To be beautiful and loved.

“You’re a girl! Why do you have deuce?”

And now you’re thirty now. And you’re still trying to do everything perfectly, that would not be undertaken. Better to be at work. Best of all to finish fourth higher. Best of all. Perfectly. Without errors. And God forbid something does not work out or fail. Dragon the guilt will slowly eat your frail body. Can not be wrong, because of this you cease to love.

“You’re a girl! Why do you fight with boys!”

When you get hurt – be silent and smile. To pretend that you don’t care. And here’s thirty-five, and when a person says hurtful things to you, you smile. Automatically. Inside you explodes atomic bomb, and externally – all in order. You can not understand why? Why the man still did not understand that joke about your weight or size of the foot is hurt? Why is he still calling you offensive words in between or teasing in front of others? After all, you are silent – so he could love you.

“You’re a girl! Why do you have such a mess in the room?”

And now you’re forty. You’re paranoid on the subject of order in the house. You’re twenty times the trash each plate, so that no one thought she was fat. You are fanatically wash the floor under the sofas, and require that all cleaned mugs in place. You see before you outlines kids wall and cry. The house becomes a place of constant stress – for you and for your loved ones. But you just want to be loved.

“You’re a girl! You have to help!”

And here’s forty-five. You spend your life trying to please everyone around. Glue the Wallpaper to the neighbor who has three adult sons. Carry heavy packages into the house of his girlfriend. Sit with other people’s children, even when the night has other plans. Refuse a date with a man for the work day at work. You do everything right. However, often you’re doing it at the expense of his family.You can rely on others. You all help. You did not ask. And when you offer something – you are, of course, refuse. The only person, who is not strong enough is you. You have forgotten what beauty salon or a new dress. You forgot about that you can lie quietly in bed with a book and in a hurry. You don’t know how to live otherwise. You have to help. To be loved.

“You’re a girl! Why are you yelling?”

You have no right to be rude, get angry, cry. It’s not for girls. And here’s a fifty. And all these unspoken grudges and grievances accumulate in your body, creating disease. You still can’t tell your ex-husband to stop sending you pictures of your new family every three weeks. And about what you felt then – you aren’t. And when your boss gets you to work, and then take the prize – you aren’t. Of course, sometimes you fall off the wagon. Where it is safe. Early – on children. But as long as they left you far, there was only a cat. And even you don’t feel love.

“You’re a girl! How can you do this to upset me!”

You are sixty. You have lived all my life so I don’t upset anyone and did not disappoint. You are trying very hard to be a good girl. But in the end, you’re sick, unhappy and lonely. You got used to the fact that others know exactly what you want. They know what’s best for you, what you want to do, where to go. And his desires you do not know and do not remember. Only strangers. Mom’s, dad’s, husband, children, colleagues, friends. Not so long ago the world left your mother and you already imagine what awaits you on. But you just wanted a little love in this life….

Being a Woman can be learned only from Women. Have a happy, of which this unrestrained happiness flowing. It is impossible to educate a Girl, if you’re downtrodden and the poor, useless. And even a woman can be called a stretch. A gray faceless creature that doesn’t remember when the last time you enjoyed life… Which is a burden to the whole household work. How can you want to be when you grow up?

Instead create a framework and rules on how to be a girl, let’s remember that children learn only by example. And the girl will want to be a woman if front of her eyes – a Happy Mom that loves Dad. Loves for its natural beauty, purity and femininity. Because she lives in harmony with his heart. For what it is another. For her eternal youth, which is reflected in her eyes.

Because she knows how to Love. And this is the only skill she has and sees his vocation as girls, girls, women and mothers, grandmothers.

And the phrase “You’re a girl!” it’s time to replace it with “I love you, my baby”! And if you still never no one has said — go to the mirror and say it on your own…. “I love you, baby!”