31 January 2018: Blue blood supermoon. Horoscope for all signs

Techno 29 January, 2018

2018-01-29 18:42

31 January 2018: Blue blood supermoon. Horoscope for all signs
Use astrological event and the Blue energy of the Month, don’t miss this gift from heaven, because the chance will drop soon!

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31 January 2018 we will witness a very rare phenomenon — a full month, which coincides with a lunar Eclipse, reports Rus.Media. Future astronomical phenomenon is called “blue blood supermoon”. Its influence on your horoscope can not predict, but to recognize that it will be unpredictable. But to interpret the meaning of a supernova a blue month for each sign of the Zodiac a little easier, as Eclipse are understood by astrologers as a sharp change designed to push us forward into the next stage of life.

Perhaps soon you will feel that you are losing ground. This knowledge can be the last missing piece of the puzzle. You can lose the job you hate for several months. You can find proof of what you already suspected. On the other hand, you can probably guess a little even now, but the bloody supermoon will occur just at the moment when you get ready to make a decision.

In this case, the supermoon can be a catalyst for future change, and the fear that prevents you to make a move, disappear.

RAM. Because this Eclipse will affect your field of expression, there is a chance that you will know what your true feelings known to your loved one. In addition, prepare for the possible news about the pregnancy.

Taurus. It is time to make any changes in your life that you have been unhappy, whether it’s a pesky roommates or furnishings in the apartment in which you live.

Twins. Threatened personal relationships with friends, relatives or neighbors, so expect new major shocks.

Cancer. Look for those work tasks with which you deal is not at full strength, and get ready to impress others with their talents to make money.

Lion. This Eclipse will push you into the center of attention because you are waiting for changes in my personal life and in appearance. Act. Your true self calls.

Deva. With the dimming you can expect a spiritual awakening and a sense of purpose in your life. You realize that in order to achieve your goal, you have something to give, but the game was worth the candle.

Weights. Belonging to a group of people or friendship with one person, in particular, is no longer serving your higher purpose. Finally, you’re ready to move on, and you can be confident in your decision.

Scorpius. If you are unhappy with your job, it may seem that this Eclipse will inspire you to change. Even if you are satisfied with the current stability, listen to your heart. Ahead you will find something better.

Sagittarius. The new trip or project that requires courage and strength now depends on you, don’t waste your time. Show the world what you can do.

Capricorn. This Eclipse will affect your attitude to Finance, money and harmony in your life. At this time, you can expect the unexpected moment of clarity. Listen to your instincts.

Aquarius. It is time to relate their desires with the desires of the people around you. This Eclipse, or will lead to huge changes in personal relationships, or put them in the point.

Pisces. Your self-esteem’s going to soar above the clouds, although you will have to make sacrifices in the area of health, work and lifestyle. It’s time to stop settling for less.