34 teens arrested for a series of misdeeds in Edmonton

News 21 March, 2018
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    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 22:19

    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 22:20

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    EDMONTON | Edmonton police put the hand in the collar of 34 young people, including 32 minors, in connection with a series of misdemeanors and assault free and of a rare violence that occurred in the alberta capital in January 2017 to march 2018.

    According to police, the 34 accused, all men, would be responsible for about 90 crimes committed in the city, particularly in the network of train, light rail Edmonton, in shopping centres and recreational facilities.

    “Our officers have investigated nearly 90 criminal events affecting 66 complainants, some of whom today have to deal with serious internal injuries and facial”, explained superintendent Tom Pallas, in a press release.

    In total, the youth will meet not less than 460 charges.

    In a video captured by a surveillance camera, it is possible to catch a suspect to give a violent kick in the back of a woman, propelling her down a staircase at a train station, on the 14th of January last. The victim, a 46 year old woman, had suffered significant injuries.

    A teenager of 16 years had also been badly beaten by six suspects during a robbery attempt failed in April 2017.

    According to police, 12 of the 34 suspects to have perpetrated the majority of crimes. In the third incident, the young people will be thrown en masse on their victims, said the police.