4 changes in 40 years

Techno 19 January, 2018

2018-01-19 17:23

4 changes in 40 years
40 years is a special age

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To 40 years a person should be pre-determined by society the program:

need to get a profession, to decide,

to create a family,

to raise children.

When this program is, life is a lot easier – of course, what heights achieved.

The strongest desire of the girls to marry well and give birth to a child is often the “guiding star” for them.

Men such a “star” become the desire to achieve heights in the profession, earn money, have own place, car.

These desires are not alien to many young women, reports Rus.Media.

When we are led by a “guiding star” and so much so, life is filled with a special passion, inspiration, creativity all the time there is a feeling that you’re on a roll, even temporary setbacks are perceived as “challenge”. Forces in my youth, is usually enough. We are full of optimism and fun climb to their tops, even if sometimes fall.

40 is mid-life and things change. What one becomes the other. If indeed there comes another life.

1. Changes emotional.

Go “shanachie” grips, optimism gives way to realism or even pessimism. But often come maturity, wisdom and poise. Many people no longer believe in love, happiness, dream, development, and friendship. Especially those who accumulated negative experience and draw conclusions from their mistakes.

2. Appearance change.

There is a saying – to 40 you have the face that nature has given,

after 40 – what you deserve. It’s about what 40 years in the face of manifest the emotions which we often experienced. Evil, greedy, pessimistic, jealous people will hide their “true face”. Is facial mask – wrinkles begin to paint on the face a distinctive pattern. Good people, lovers, optimists remain attractive despite age-related changes in appearance.

3. Changes health.

In the region of 40 years usually begin to “float” ailments from poor lifestyle, negative emotions and actions, genetic disease. The person does not immediately detect it — after all, it was accumulated gradually. Maybe because of this adjustment of the organism and it is not customary to celebrate the anniversary of 40 years.

4. Changes lifestyle.

After 40 the vast majority of people begin to lead a “sedentary” lifestyle. If in 25 years you could pick up children under the arm and go to travel or send them to grandma, and by walking all night, the 40 is very rare. It is not sad, but business concerns and we suck, the evening often forces remain only on TV viewing. Friends “go”, they “settle” in their families and have no such happy meetings in companies, as before.

We are already Mature and experienced, but still young and energetic!

Take this motto to myself. It’s really true! Despite the fact that 40 years have to adapt to certain changes that happen is painful, yet it’s a wonderful age!

Here are a few rules that will help make your life bright and interesting, when you have well over 40.

1. Become aware of their 4 types of changes:

Emotional changes – don’t let yourself fall into pessimism, and do not mind the happiness and joy of a full life. Don’t say such phrases: “Well, old age has come”, “So I in 40 years have you?”, “Yes, who I am at this age need?” “Too late to start when you’re 40”. It’s not true.

So, your youthful fervour cooled with age and experience, but if you have lived rightly, you have a special state – WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE, ABILITY to BE HERSELF. It’s incredibly valuable and inaccessible to the youth.

In early youth we often vyvorachivaya inside out to fit something or someone. Now you finally allow yourself to be yourself and others to be different!

Customization – it’s time to deal with them, and spend more time and effort to maintain good physical shape and visual appeal. And this process can be very enjoyable!

Health changes – a complete full body examination, even if you feel well. You just have to know their weaknesses. Forewarned is forearmed! Energy reserves are depleted after 40, and it’s time to refill them. Pool, skiing, dancing, fitness, etc. Pay attention and a healthy diet.

Changes lifestyle. It is foolish to think that after 40 years your destiny kitchen, the grandchildren, the garden ( for women) or garage, sofa, TV (for men). So, you have now programmed society “guiding star”, but you can create it yourself! You have the FREEDOM of CHOICE!

2. Create a new lodestar. What did you dream, but you always busy? Or are you afraid of? What inspires you? Let these “stars” will be a few. Traveling, dancing, creativity, self-development in any area, etc. don’t be afraid to start and learn!

If you do not know English, and you need it – forward, not learned early to drive a car forward, not mastered the computer — go ahead! Now only forward, not pulled back!

If previously you thought society what to do and where to aim, now YOU THINK for YOURSELF! Do everything you want! Let your training be positive. Meet new people, go to theatre and concerts, parties and exhibitions!

And of course, share your experience! Maybe your mission is to help other people or to share knowledge.

3. This, of course, sad, but now in our society there are many adult “zasobovani” people who are unable ( or unwilling) to obtain their freedom. They have in mind, still other people’s programs, but harmful. People hooked on new cars iPhones and other stuff fit in the credits, not knowing what minute the joy of owning a new fashionable thing to pay very expensive and not only money. And health, lack of freedom, the need to plow for the loans.

Many are addicted to negative TV programs, and begin to live like everything that happens on screen is part of their own life.

Free your life of excess! Do not pursue fashionable things, watch television less. It’s all addiction! Throw away the “wrong” program from the head and live happily ever after! MY LIFE!

How has your life changed after 40 years?

More problems, illnesses, the Blues etc – 24%

Appeared joy and freedom – 15%

There was a desire to give and to care – 38%

Just started a real life! 13%

I learned ( La) finally very (very) itself – 10%.