45 cash take

Techno 6 December, 2017

2016-05-05 22:24

45 cash take
<p>There are many monetary signs, which help to achieve financial success and avoid poverty. All these are signs of people evolved over the centuries, many of them popular to this day. So what may indicate the inflow of capital, and conversely, that promises a lack of money and crisis?</p>

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  • 1. Always take your change at the store, even if it is small. If the cashier has no money to change, wait for change.
  • 2. No person shall give money in expanded form. Fold the bill in half and stretch it folded end first. If you ignore the advice and will give money to the open side, your wealth will dry up.
  • 3. Never throw money on the floor or ground; if even a small coin dropped, raise it.
  • 4. Do not wrinkle the bills, don’t wear them crumpled in pockets.
  • 5. Don’t keep in my wallet of old receipts – so you attract extra costs.
  • 6. If you won the lottery, will share this amount with friends or donate part to the Church. Otherwise you will soon lose same amount as won, or even more.
  • 7. In the newly purchased wallet, place a bill and don’t spend it within a week – the money needs to get used to their new “home”.
  • 8. Not to be left without money, do not put on the table a hat, gloves and keys.
  • 9. The money goes like water it is impossible to have in the house, faulty plumbing to avoid leaks.
  • 10. Do not cut own hair, not to cut bangs, or risk being stranded.
  • 11. If you dropped your wallet and he had the money to pick them up only the right hand, and be sure to leave on the floor (or the ground) at least one coin. Thus we can say: “One is left – the rest get.”
  • 12. On the day of receiving the salary do not waste a single penny – the money should stay at home to love him.
  • 13. Asking for a salary increase on Wednesday afternoon.
  • 14. When you pay the debt, keep a Fig in the pocket.
  • 15. If the left hand itches, you will come unexpected money.
  • 16. All the detail from the purse give Sunday to the poor or spend themselves, otherwise it will be rich in only small money.
  • 17. After the departure of the guests vytryahivanie outside the tablecloth from the table where they ate. Then the house will be found money.
  • 18. Don’t sweep up the crumbs from the table by hand, you’ll lose a stable income
  • 19. Pegmatite floor from the threshold, not the threshold, so as not to sweep out of the house good, don’t do it in the evening – well-being will deteriorate.
  • 20. Do not throw garbage in the evening, otherwise you risk to be robbed.
  • 21. To have money, trim your nails on Tuesday or Friday.
  • 22. Do not whistle in the house – a self-fulfilling poverty. Whistle near the other person – all the money he visistat.
  • 23. Not pegmatite in the same apartment different with brooms – roshanite in the corners of the wealth.
  • 24. Do not leave overnight on the table of coins, bills and an empty bottle is to the loss of resources. Leave the keys to lose the property.
  • 25. Don’t stand in the doorway, so as not to block the path of running home well-being.
  • 26. Repay debts the morning, not the evening.
  • 27. Put it under the tablecloth in the kitchen a few coins – so you will attract the soon return of debts.
  • 28. After leaving unwanted and jealous of the guest sweep the house, especially the corners and the threshold – you will mimetite bad energy.
  • 29. Chestnuts are considered as money talismans. Put some fruit in a box or in a bag next to the purse.
  • 30. During the movement under the bridge, which a train is passing by, put a wallet on the head and walk so few steps.
  • 31. If you purchase things you spend everything that was in the wallet, as long as you wear this thing, will feel an acute shortage of funds. On the contrary, if you have a decent amount of money, you will in no way know needs.
  • 32. Don’t throw away old purses – by doing this, you will drive out money luck.
  • 33. If you were a stranger crockery, Bank or bin, turning them, put some object in your house will always be prosperity.
  • 34. Never pour alcohol on weight – all glasses and the glasses should stand on the table, otherwise the money from the house will run away.
  • 35. For the first time in the year heard the cuckoo, take in hand silver coins – during the year, you will voditsya money.
  • 36. Show me the coin or banknote to the young month, and say over his shoulder: “month-to-Month, give me money!”
  • 37. On the day of the full moon, do not engage in production, or waiting for lack of money.
  • 38. Don’t keep torn banknotes to exchange them at the Bank to the new, or material success will get you a party.
  • 39. Don’t place the knife in a loaf of bread to escape poverty and hunger.
  • 40. Leave the wallet at least one paper bill and a few coins: an empty wallet attracts poverty.
  • 41. The workplace is better positioned so that you were wall or partition. If conditions do not allow this, choose a Desk chair with a high back, it will protect you from behind from the influence of the negative non-monetary flows.
  • 42. If you want to get in the company for a long time, avoid the location of the workplace opposite the stairs and under overhanging objects.
  • 43. Position on the desktop of their most successful photo that was taken at the time of important event. It will inspire you for new achievements.
  • 44. At the end of the day is to restore order to your desktop. Otherwise the trouble yesterday will be transferred to the new day and interfere with productive work.
  • 45. Taking breaks to drink tea or coffee, pour a full Cup or glass. Incomplete vessels promise a lack of money and empty costs.