45 ways to change a life. Choose at least 10

Techno 10 March, 2018

2018-03-10 16:47

45 ways to change a life. Choose at least 10
List habits that help to live a more full, vibrant and happy life.

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Perhaps there are few people, 100% happy life. What prevents to change it? We are confident that this requires resources which we do not. But perhaps everything is much easier. Life coach teaches how to establish contact with yourself and to realize your dreams, reports Rus.Media.

1. Meditate every day to clear the mind as well as body.

2. Make lists of gratitude. The more you appreciate the good in your life, the more good ahead of you.

3. Don’t devalue the compliment, accept help, allow yourself to receive and give love.

4. Before sleep let the past day and problems with words: “it was What it was. Tomorrow is a new day.”

5. Before reacting to some situation or the other person’s behavior, wait for 5 seconds. The pause will give the opportunity to do the right thing, rather than acting on autopilot.

6. Analyze the information that you consume. Do not abuse the life nonsense.

7. Treat feelings carefully. They direct on the way to vocation.

8. Formulate a vision of life. Why are you here? What do you like to do? What you want to learn how want to help the world?

9. Realize its value. It is not necessary to prove, live and enjoy life.

10. It’s never too late to change views and become the person you wanted to be.

11. Share your knowledge with others. We can learn a lot from each other.

12. Love and accept yourself without conditions. Do not wait for the moment when you become skinnier or more successful. Start now. Speak to yourself like a friend and not as an enemy.

13. Make a list of your interests, Hobbies and joys. Make time for them, as for house work or going for groceries.

14. Try to forgive yourself and others, release the past.

15. Live in the moment. Feel the sun’s rays glide over the skin, savor every SIP of coffee. The only way we can experience life.

16. Doubt in the belief. Most of them are established in childhood and do not help. Start to create your own set of beliefs that will make you stronger.

17. Every morning ask yourself: how can I make this world a better place?

18. Strive for balance. Take and give, take action and relax, indulge and limit yourself.

19. Use the power of imagination. Create opportunities for the development of life and move in these directions.

20. Accept what you can’t control: the weather, a queue, someone else’s opinion. Keep your strength for more important things.

21. Don’t let fear and doubt rule you.

22. Seek growth, but not to perfection. We don’t criticize kids because they fall when learning to walk. We should not berate ourselves when developing a new skill.

23. Promise yourself to live life to the full. Do what you always dreamed of.

24. Be aware of your values and let them guide you through life.

25. Every day keep a diary to establish contact with him.

26. Celebrate small victories, they inspire confidence and lead to great achievements.

27. Open abilities and talents, share them with the world.

28. Try something new. Choose new paths, Hobbies, city and profession.

29. Focus on solutions, not on problems.

30. Care for your body. Drink more water, eat right, go and rest.

31. To create a mental picture of the best version of yourself. Imagine how this person thinks, feels and does. Start acting like it.

32. Appreciate what you have. We are surrounded by abundance. Think about blossoming Apple trees, lush lawn in the Park, the grains of sand on the beach.

33. Every morning, choose an intention that will lead you — for example, gratitude, forgiveness, or courage.

34. Place your order. Get rid of things you no longer need.

35. Spend time in good company. Surrounding affect us, so communicate with those who dream, makes and inspires.

36. Allow yourself to play more and have fun

37. Stop obsessing about results. Please reconsider your definition. If you have done everything possible has already been won.

38. Take the time to analyze the life: what’s going well and what needs to change.

39. Every day step out of the comfort zone. Fear is a natural emotion in the process of growth and development. Train yourself to act, not looking at him.

40. Stop condemning others.

41. Set goals and track progress.

42. To be yourself is more important than to fit in. Promise yourself to live, to work, to love and be as creative as you want.

43. Look for what unites you with others, and not distinguished from them.

44. Do everything with love: work, make food, write songs.

45. Be more open and honest with others. Then they will be able to love you, not the mask you used to wear.