5 incredible Housewives who became millionaires

Techno 25 January, 2018

2018-01-25 10:15

5 incredible Housewives who became millionaires
To earn millions does not necessarily make a career or to occupy a high position. You can be a regular housewife. Want proof? Please.

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Debra Cowan ($3.5 million)

Giving birth to a baby, Debra Cowan decided to quit my job and devote myself to raising a daughter. Together with her husband they moved into a house on long island, my husband worked, and Good for the whole day remained with the daughter one. When the girl fell asleep, she was able to do what you want, and how many Housewives began to build the house.

When the house began to come to different masters, hired for different jobs, Debra quickly discovered how difficult it is to find a decent and reliable house painter, plasterer or plumber. Thus was born the idea of a new business service, to pre-screen employees. Contractors were willing to pay a fee for the provision of jobs, and for clients – homeowners was a free service. The first clients were neighbors of Debri, and in just 6 months a company called Home Remedies start to make a profit.

Sandy Stein ($25 million)

After working for 35 years as a flight attendant, sandy has decided that enough is enough, time to do my own thing. Sandy came up with a very simple device for handbags, like a keychain, which allows you to quickly find the keys. It turned out that a keychain was a must millions of women, so that through the year the amount of sales has already reached 1 million dollars.

Joy Mangano

After the divorce, joy was left alone with three children. One day, sweeping the floor with pieces of broken glass, Joey hurt his arm, and thought it would be nice to have a MOP that does not need to touch, to squeeze out the dirty water. She soon came up with a mechanism that allowed it to do, and his invention called the Miracle Mop.

At first she tried to sell a MOP in the nearest hardware store, but it is not gone. Then Joey decided to promote his invention and began to advertise the MOP on the TV via the home shopping network. After a couple years of joy begun to yield $1 million profit per year. And now former Housewives nearly 100 patented inventions, including the organizers, hangers and even reading glasses.

Sheri Schmelzer ($300 million)

The idea was born when fashion entered the “crocs”. Sheri, mother of three children, just decided to embellish them, utraula in the holes of the first flowers, then buttons, and then small figures. The idea immediately liked children, neighbors and friends, and soon the little decorations for crocs began to be sold for the ridiculous price of $ 3 apiece.

Realizing that such a simple thing is a huge success, sherry and her husband decided to open their own production, calling the decoration “gibbersome”. Soon there were thousands of choices of Gabbasov, and total sales for the year reached 8 million units worldwide.

Kim Levin ($700 million)

Another brilliant idea came to mind Kim Levin, mother of two children when she accidentally saw a bag of grain, which her husband fed the cattle in the back yard. Kim came up with to fill the grain of the pillow, heat it in the microwave and turn it thus in a therapeutic pillow for relaxation that will help relieve stress, relax or relieve pain.

The first pillow she sewed for half an hour, and then began to give similar friends and acquaintances. Demand soon exceeded expectations, and Kim Levine realized that this simple idea can earn good money. The pillows were called Wuvit, and after their inventions have been waiting for a great job to promote the product to the market. Now Kim owns a multimillion Empire, which produces not only pillows, but also a huge range of products for the home.