5 things men HATE about single women

Techno 9 March, 2018

2018-01-08 14:55

5 things men HATE about single women
Every day thousands of single women dedicate a lot of time to unravel men

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We analyze their behavior, their behavior, tone of voice, hypothetical scenarios, even the punctuation in the message to understand what they think, what they like and what not, reports Rus.Media.

And although men’s magazines, few write about how to build a relationship with a woman that you should not tolerate, and what we can live with, men still have your list of feminine qualities, which they consider totally unacceptable.

We surveyed men agreed: the 5 characteristics of single women make them even more lonely as push men away.

1. They eerily strange and unpredictable.

Well, get ready, but men complain that women behave strangely before your first date. They say that they do not respond to calls and messages, at the last minute plans changed quite late, not doing what he said — sound familiar? Yes, this is something that women often complain about the behavior of men. But it turns out so behave and avid of the bachelorette. Therefore, and remain so.

Just do unto others as you would have them do unto you — the Golden rule!

2. They are very independent.

Not that the men wanted to go back to the Stone Age, but they do not ever want to deal with this notorious “I can do it myself”.

Single women are so adapted to her lonely life that they didn’t need people, that when when someone comes, they have no time and place in my life.

3. They rush the relationship.

If your biological clock is ticking so loudly that you cannot hear what you say at dinner, the man will find out…and run. As well as if you are constantly worried about where is this relationship, so you can’t enjoy them — you won’t have a relationship, and not to worry.

4. They want nice guys but date the wrong.

Good guys are just tired of hearing you always meet some selfish, assholes and jerks.

“So, is it his self, where he himself Poteet in the bathroom Topless has guided you to the idea that he likes more than you do him?”…Before blaming the entire male population of the shitstorm, men offer women to look at themselves in the mirror. Maybe it’s time to look for a mate elsewhere and give a chance to others?

5. They treat your pet like a loved one.

Men are incredibly annoying when women refer to their often small dogs as a child or beloved man. There is nothing wrong to love animals, but just try at least not to think about it more than once or twice during your conversation.