6 Signs that the man will soon disappear from your life

Techno 19 December, 2017

2017-12-19 20:03

6 Signs that the man will soon disappear from your life
Sometimes hope for a long and happy love gives us a sober look at the relationship and believe the obvious: he’s not so burning passion, as it was before

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We will help you to remove pink glasses and to understand whether your boyfriend is to disappear into the fog, reports Rus.Media. Psychologist, hypnology, specialist in family problems Olesya Fomin, help us in this.

He hides the phone

Man thinks the phone is his privacy and if he has secrets, tries not to admit strangers to the gadget. Noticed that when you’re near, the smartphone is in the pocket or bag, it goes in the other room at the first call and secretly texting? Sound the alarm! I think your place in his heart occupied by someone else.

He’s looking for reasons to refuse sex

He gets tired more often than usual, he constantly had a headache and no mood. And the phrase “Let’s not today…” you hear more often than “hi, how’s it going?” Alas, but, apparently, he doesn’t want you. Representatives of the strong half of mankind do not know how to hide feelings and pretend to be in love. However, it seems that he does not try.

He speaks of friendship and affection

If the person says that you’re his best friend, fun to hang out with and have a good time, but do not speak words of love, he is unlikely to prevaricate. He tests to you sympathy, but about the passion of the question. Many girls are making a big mistake, considering such things as recognition in the ardent feelings. You need to be able to hear what you say, not what you want. Do not live with illusions!

He’s married and pulls with divorce

Error millions of lovers women to believe that he will soon divorce, and only with them. Small children, a sick wife and property disputes only banal excuses to stay in the family, and you had a way to have a good time. Run away!

He doesn’t make suggestions

If a man loves truly, he always offers to legalize the relationship, even if it is the stamp in the passport does not matter. He respects his girlfriend, considered it and understand how important it is for women. Excuses and procrastination characterize it not with the best hand. The years go by, and you may remain in the status of girlfriend.

He’s not interested in your life and problems

Loving man to be aware of all the events in your life: from buying a new couch to quarrels with the colleagues. If a guy listens to you out of courtesy, without offering to help, so he’s not going to live together, and just relaxes in your company. Don’t waste time on selfish!