6 tricks from the curriculum, which had long been forgotten

Techno 21 December, 2017

2017-12-21 10:54

6 tricks from the curriculum, which had long been forgotten
Do you remember how many tricks we were taught in school years, through which we could get out of any situation and solve all problems without any of different gadgets and devices

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We offer you to remember 6 tricks from the curriculum that will be useful to you and to date, reports Rus.Media.

1. To know the growing Month or drop-down

2. To see the time until sunset

Fold the fingers together and extend your arm towards the Sun, so that it was” on the index finger. Each finger equals approximately 15 minutes, count their number from the Sun to the horizon.

3. Remember Roman numerals

The first letters of the words, what do the Roman numerals in descending order: M (1000), D (500), C (100), L (50) X (10), V (5), I (1).

4. Check the batteries

To check the battery is charged or not enough to rise above table, the battery and release, and which will bounce and not fall charged.

5. To find out the number of days in the month

Each hollow, and the bone is a separate month. In the month, located on the knuckle, 31 days. On the basin — 30 (or 28/29, if it’s February).

6. To remember the order of colors of the rainbow

Just remember this phrase and you’ll always know the order of the colors of the rainbow.