7 street finds which can cripple the fate

Techno 6 December, 2017

2017-12-06 20:46

7 street finds which can cripple the fate
Experts say that things that were ever in use, is able to absorb and for many years to save energy, which is owned by their owners. And who knows what it is – positive or negative?

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In order not to incur problems, it is important to know which of the found items is highly undesirable to take up and the more usurp. They can bring negativity, illness and various misfortunes which can easily shift from things to their new owner.

Found objects can hurt people, can be intentionally left on the street, at the entrance of the apartment building, near the garbage cans or on a Park bench, to find them faster and took. After all, they were a magical rite, for example, the freedom from failure or loss of beauty. These items are called porttime, as they moved the damage which was caused to a certain person. It is clear that to find on the street, you just lost the thing that completely safe. But is it worth it to take myself severely jeopardizing our own health, well-being and sometimes life?

What found items should not touch?

Gold jewelry

Noble metals are excellent conductors of energy. Through them induce damage and the evil eye, bewitch and otvarivayut. For example, an engagement ring is often left on the street, someone found her and took, thereby giving the love failure of the former owner. And even if the ring was lost by accident, it fitting will lead to the fact that you will take other people’s problems. Gold, platinum and silver remember the aura of the former owner. If you wear this constantly, it will gradually change your aura and destiny, causing discomfort and interfering with happiness.


They say that at the time of death of the person the watch belonged to him, and stop progress forever. So this thing has a powerful energy bond with its owner. This dangerous discovery not only for the health and well-being, and life. Wrist watch with tresnuvshij glass – especially dangerous thing after finding one should avoid.


Metallic money have no power, therefore, easily satisfied the stranger, both positive and negative. In the first case, it found a coin can become your talisman that attracts wealth. In the second case, the discovery will have devastating power and could easily lead to bankruptcy. Money often becomes the object that warlocks bring damage, done to eternal poverty.


You can’t know what kind of person wore this cross, what thoughts were in his head, what sins did he atone for it before your cross. In addition, this thing is always very closely connected with the life by to whom belonged. Picking up and putting on a cross, you doom yourself to “carry someone else’s cross” and to live his own life. Not only that, your fate will change dramatically, you’ll still pay for someone else’s nefarious acts.

Pin, needle

Any sharp objects made of metal, easy to charge with negative energy. They rarely lost and even more are on the street obronnej or accidentally thrown away. If you are faced with this discovery alerted. Don’t touch it with bare hands. Perhaps someone has erected on a needle or pin damage and thrown away, so she moved on to another person. Of course, the pin could be worn as a talisman and to lose, but is it worth the risk picking up this thing?

A homemade item

These include toys, figurines, dolls. Similar items people often find themselves in the house and put it on the street with a purpose to get rid of severe damage. For example, the doll-motanka is usually used for the spell. Therefore, the probability that the found item has negative energy, is extremely high, especially if you found her in an abandoned place or intersection. To bring home such a thing is to condemn yourself and your family for illness, quarrels and lack of money.


Many lose the keys. In this case, there is nothing dangerous if you pick up a find. But you should know that professional magicians and fortune-tellers use the keys to break into someone’s thoughts and soul. Often the keys are used in love magic when you need to lock the heart of the castle. Less frequently these products are used for circuit problems, to then throw on the street a key that someone will pick up and thus will take someone else’s bad luck.

Lifting from the ground or floor one of the items described above, you may violate the integrity of your own bio-field, to incur various troubles and diseases. Be reasonable and treat with caution to the found things.