8 phrases that are absolutely impossible to pronounce in conversation with children!

Techno 23 January, 2018

2018-01-23 17:30

8 phrases that are absolutely impossible to pronounce in conversation with children!
You can’t hurt their psyche…

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In a child there is nothing more valuable in life than parents, reports Rus.Media. They give him support, love and sense of security. People who wear the proud title of parents are the main advocates and mentors for the child.

They are in her eyes – the real gods. In childhood it seems that for parents, nothing is impossible.

All they are doing is very much reflected in the children. In adult life the child will repeat the role models that received from parents. Therefore, adults need to carefully monitor themselves and their own words.

Here are 8 phrases that in any case cannot be said to children, even if you are very angry:

1. “Enough to cry. Stop it right now!”

Even if tantrums for no reason, do not scold the child for what she’s crying. Remember: it is still difficult to control their emotions.

This phrase allows the child to understand that the expression of emotion is a crime. In the end it just starts to suppress them. Try to calm the baby: “you’re crying – that’s fine, but understand you did wrong.”

2. “I’m disappointed in you!”

At such moments, the child feels depressed and guilty. Why add to her stress? Better help your child find the right path, she is just learning the rules of the game in this world.

3. “Do you miss …!”

Charisma, courage, beauty, intelligence, etc. of Such words, especially if they are expressed by the parents, very upset children. They will reflect on their self-esteem and future life. Better to say, “Yeah, maybe you’re missing …But we will carefully work on it”.

4. “Big boys / girls are not afraid”

These words did not soothe the child, not protect her from fear and excitement. You can’t stop the crying or tantrum, just forbidding the child to cry. Each of us is afraid of something.

Teach your child to deal with emotions and fears. Tell her this: “it’s All right, sometimes we are afraid of something, I know what to do.”

5. “You are of no use!”

Never say this to your children! More than anything they are afraid of losing your approval. It is very important that you think about them. Try saying this: “Nobody’s perfect honey, next time you can do better”.

6. “You’re a very bad baby!”

Don’t make the child feel bad and spoiled. Use this phrase: “what you did was bad”. The child may not like it, but don’t put this child on the cross. We may be wrong, it does not mean that all bad people.

7. “I do everything for you!”

Yes, it is. But don’t blame the child. You have decided that you are ready for parenting. You should be ashamed for such words. The child is not more concerned about your money and gifts. They will love you even in poverty. Your income will not replace them your attention.

8. “You’re fat”.

No need to stoop to such phrases. Your fat kid and myself know about the problem. She for sure remind you of the surrounding. Try to say something like: “I should exercise and go on a proper diet. Want to try? Don’t want to do it alone.”

Negative statements towards the child will make the problem worse – it will start stress-eating.

Love your children as they are, encourage them and not intimidate. And then get grateful and educated adults without complexes and fears.