9 unexpected facts about a girl’s hymen

Techno 6 March, 2018

2018-03-06 20:23

9 unexpected facts about a girl’s hymen
Destroying myths about virginity!

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The hymen and, if I may say so, integrity in our days is far less important than even a few decades ago. And even now many do not know that it is in fact not torn, reports Rus.Media!

It has different shape and size

Like some other parts of the body, the hymen can be completely different. In fact, it is a thin semi-circular area of tissue with a hole, which is located 1-2 cm from the entrance to the vagina.

It is not only the people

For example, a female elephant, the hymen breaks only during childbirth. The purpose of the hymen is not precisely defined: most likely, is to protect the younger generation from infections.

It is not necessary to pierce

She’s not torn! And does not burst! And stretched.

It does not disappear after sex

Another common myth. The hymen remains in the body forever, just after the first sex is usually more does not bring discomfort.

Blood is not at all

According to statistics, less than half of the women! Some of this film is quite thin, someone could try with physical activity (e.g. riding a bike), and someone it is well stretched during sex no pain.

Sometimes, it can be seen from the outside

Because the hymen is near the entrance to the vagina, it is in principle possible to consider. But there is nothing interesting: a subtle pink bulge.

It is not at all

Some girls are born without hymen at all.

Someone it is very durable

And even repeated sex acts can’t make it last. Then you have to resort to surgical methods. But this happens very rarely.

The test for virginity is a myth!

From the previous paragraphs it is clear that the blood after the first sex is not all, so based on this assumption, the virgin bride or not, is pointless.