A case of smuggling cocaine from Argentina to Russia was continued : Crime news : Vladim

News 13 March, 2018

The media found out that the original 400 kg of cocaine was planning to send to Riga, and not in Moscow. In the case of the Argentine smuggling there are new circumstances: two of the citizen of Latvia and the Russian curler.


22 February media reported that at the end of 2017 the security services of Argentina and the Russian Federation have jointly prevented the sending to Russia quantities of cocaine in kg. 389 the case of the Russian Federation arrested three people. Lawyer Istimara Khudzhamov Dmitry Minenko told that the original private plane flew from Buenos Aires to Riga, but then changed course and landed in Moscow. Also Minenko said that his client first came to Spain, and then in the company of two Latvians went to Argentina. The names of the citizens of Latvia investigation were not disclosed.

We also learned that the case involved the curler Denis Kiva. His hired driver, and he passes on business as the witness. He Kilba to comment on the situation refused.