A chic answer to the question. “What are you, the women, in addition to the money we still have in this life?”

Techno 17 December, 2017

2017-12-17 19:23

A chic answer to the question. “What are you, the women, in addition to the money we still have in this life?”
Unfortunately, not many representatives of a strong half of our humanity can be called men

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Very often such individuals who show no respect to the people around him and look at women on top, they say what do they want, always something is asked, reports Rus.Media.

But met a lovely girl who is keenly and wisely said to one of the representatives of the stronger sex and all the like! Super!

“Accidentally saw on the Internet a question from one guy, saying that you, the women, except for income and intimate relationships you need in this life?

You can throw eggs at me or the sneakers, but I will say very honestly to yourself, what exactly I am missing.

My boy, I want stability. I want to be confident in the man and in the future with him. I need not just to know that he loves me, I need to see it in his actions, in his plans for the future, where I don’t have to be on the second plan, you understand!

I need to know that if I get sick — he will not be confused to dash around the apartment and waving his arms, and will give me a relief. I need to be sure that when he leaves home, he does not go to any maramoyki , as do many men.

I need from him a concrete action, do not need to powder my head, I can’t wait when he grows up, he will be held until the next crisis, to repay the loan, or what else there are different reasons not to appear in this very terrible place for him under the name of the Registrar.

I really don’t want to constantly explain to our children that their father is very indecisive and timid. That he again began another depression, and that is why we so rarely see it. Don’t want to tell the children that now, in this moment, the father treats his ongoing depression beer or vodka to my boys in the garage or somewhere else.

I don’t want to look back and realize that so much time is wasted. I do not need the recognition and approval of his friends along with his mom and dog. I just need to he was a real man, not a wuss, and it is not in prosperity, money and sex.

If you are a coward and can’t take responsibility, then you have at least 25 cm, at least you have a huge fortune, in your direction I’m not even going to look. I need a man, not a purse with cm”.