A man with a penis with a length of almost half a meter model with 32 breast size and other awesome people (photo)

Techno 7 February, 2018

2018-02-07 15:19

A man with a penis with a length of almost half a meter model with 32 breast size and other awesome people (photo)
A man with a penis with a length of almost half a meter model with a chest size 38, and others. About these people in the past year, wrote journals, they were shown on TV, talked about them on the Internet, reports Rus.Media. Looking at them, we were surprised, admired, resented and turned away in horror. Remember those who became an outstanding event in 2017

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About Indian baby girl Chahat Kumar world press wrote in March. In four months the girl from the Punjab suddenly started to grow, and at 8 months already weighs more than 17 pounds, the same as the average 4-year-old child.

Chahat Kumar still striking Indian doctors: they never figured out why she’s so greatly increased in size.

Allegra Cole had a boob job to a volume of 137 centimeters, grew up in a family of Mormons. It was brought up in rigor, but, in the end, she left her career as a teacher of piano, becoming a model. The amount of money she collected from their fans online. Allegra is now 47, and her dream is to turn into Jessica rabbit, the wife of the main character from the animated film “Who framed Roger rabbit?”Today Allegra earns $100 000 a year on his blog, which regularly posts pictures of his birismanova bust.

26-year-old Sarah Hertz from Minneapolis, had to leave the modeling career because of the disease — dermatosparaxis, or syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos, a genetic disease, because of which the patient peels off and the skin droops.

Six years ago, the graduate of economic faculty Courtney Barnes from Miami made three series of injections for buttock augmentation. Now the volume of her hips is half a meter! Today, 32-year-old Courtney makes a living working as a model and taking a blog where to place their shots.

German model Martina big Trier not only increased her chest to a 32-th size, but also made a series of subcutaneous injections, through which her skin had acquired a dark color, characteristic of the Negroid race. Martin plans to become even darker, into a black woman, for every day sunning in your home the sunroom.

This family from Indian Hyderabad unique: 9 out of 11 of its members suffer from dwarfism. The head of the family, 52-year-old RAM Rai Chauhan, is also a dwarf. Family members suffer from achondroplasia — a genetic disorder in which the developing dwarfism with shortening of the limbs. Considering the older generation, in a family of 21 people, 18 of whom were dwarfs.

54-year-old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera from the Mexican city Saltillo — the owner of a giant penis with a length of 48 inches. He broke the record that belonged to American actor Jonah Falcone, whose member reached 34.5 inches, erect. Despite the fact that he was recently recognized as invalid, the man is not going to shorten their dignity.

C drew Presta — only 103 inches. But she was determined to prove to the world that beauty and sex appeal can be very miniature! After graduating from high school, drew moved to Los Angeles to work in the fashion industry and make a career model. 21-year-old girl has an enviable confidence which helped her to achieve success: today, drew Presta — very popular model.

Lindsay Hilton was born without hands and feet. Today she is a specialist in cross-fit and a Rugby player. 31-year-old Lindsay from Halifax, Nova Scotia, has never believed that the lack of limbs may prevent it to achieve success in the sport. In childhood she learned to ski, swim and play Rugby. A few years ago, she discovered cross-fit — and fell in love with him forever!

Australian deb roach was born without one hand, which did not prevent her to become a double world champion of pole dancing. Today Deb is not only a wonderful dancer but also a teacher of the art of dance.

Jamie Lopez has opened in his native Las Vegas furniture store to complete after it broke the chair in the Barber shop. Its chairs are in great success: indeed, they are able to withstand the weight of 300-400 pounds, so a full ladies feel on this furniture is quite free and comfortable.

11-year-old Leni Krystosek — one of the rarest in the world patients! He is a dwarf, growing less than a meter, and sick chondrodysplasia Jansen, a disease that slows bone growth and causes constant pain. In the world today, there are only 30 cases of chondrodysplasia Jansen.

20-year-old Jillian Williams from the city of Odem, Texas, was a contender for the title of “Young miss USA” and promising player of the volleyball team of the College. That all changed when Gillian was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer — sarcoma of Ewing. The girl had to remove an average often feet. Surgeons, wanting to help Gillian in the future, sewed part of his leg from the calf and lower thigh. The lower part of the legs now serves as a knee joint, helping the girl maintain mobility. Today Gillian is optimistic about the future and hopes to become the first impotantly with the title of”Miss Texas.”

Basketball player, Olympic champion Ekaterina Lisina is officially recognized as the tallest model on the planet. Her height is 210 cm. Even before Catherine was recognized as the tallest inhabitant of Russia.

23-year-old Isaac Griffin lives in Wichita, Kansas. The first keloid scar appeared on his leg at the age of 17. Then scars began to appear one after the other. Isaac fell self-esteem, he could not without disgust to look at myself in the mirror. But body building helped him believe in himself. In the first contest in which he participated, Isaac took the third place. Now he studies hard and dreams of becoming a world champion.

Barbie and Ken are finally together! Pixie the Fox (“living Barbie”) and Rodrigo Alves (“living Ken”) went together to Istanbul clinic “Zorlu & Aesthetics”, headed by world-famous Dr. Bulent Chechentimes. Together they are going to spend about $30,000 in five days of treatments for body and face.

18-year-old student Taina Silva of Rio de Janeiro has a traditional slim figure of a dancer and still dances professionally, proving that it’s not necessary to be thin. According to Tiny, she learned to dance before she could walk, and had dreamed since childhood of stat a ballet dancer. And now he’s determined to achieve what he wishes!

10-year-old Chandler king spends 30 hours a week in the heart of Olympic sport in Texas, doing gymnastics. It specializes in the beam. Last year, she was undefeated, and at the last competition I almost scored a perfect 10 points out of a possible 10. Chandler is waiting for a call to the Junior team USA and I’m sure after some time will act in the national Olympic team.

Christina and Benno Kaiser were married 12 years ago. Now they have three kids and they are getting a divorce. The story would be banal, if not the reason for the divorce: Christina wants to divorce her husband to their common mistress, 21-year-old Sierra Kuntz, was not jealous. After the divorce, Christina or Especially marry Sierra, to all three of them equally had the opportunity to bring up their three children.

Jayden Smart was born and raised in the world of motocross. He now speaks at events, knocking older rivals. His parents, Jocelyn and Patrick Smart, confident that their son will have a brilliant career in Motorsport. They’re huge fans of motorcycle racing. For the sake of a loved one, they moved into a separated part of California and bought a large plot of land, staging it’s own race track.

5-year-old twins Abigail and Isabel are one in a million! And in a literal sense. In the UK the chance to have a child with down syndrome for every pregnant woman is approximately 1 to 1000, and give birth to two twins-Downey — only one chance in a million. This rare chance and fell jodie and Matt Perry. However, parents of Abigail and Isabelle are happy: they say their daughter is the charm, and that they do not want the girls was at least something different.

This year 33-year-old Katie Mead made history, becoming the world’s first professional model and face of cosmetic brand with down syndrome. Her career is evolving every day. In her free time, Katie acts as a goodwill Ambassador, working with people suffering from learning disability.

His career and attitude to life Cathy breaks stereotypes.

Zoe lash, Hungtinton beach, California — “crystal child”, whose bones literally broken by single touch. Even in the womb she suffered several fractures. During the birth she broke the collarbone, and on her account was already more than 100 broken bones. Zoe is now six years old. Almost every bone in her body was broken at least once. And now she began to crumble the bones of the neck, over the brow of the girl almost left without a head. Zoe lives with her parents, Chelsea and Curtis lash, and three years younger brother Felix.