A Montrealer accused of terrorism

News 21 March, 2018
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    DETROIT | The Montrealer of tunisian origin, Amor Ftouhi, accused of assaulting with a knife a police officer at the airport of Flint, Michigan, will ultimately make in the face of an accusation of terrorism.

    In a statement, the department of justice of the United States has indicated that the charge of terrorism is in addition to the two counts already against Ftouhi. Recall that the latter was already accused of having committed an act of violence in an international airport and have interfered with the security staff of the airport. It might already be hit by a sentence of life in prison for these charges.

    “This new accusation of terrorism against M. Ftouhi demonstrates our commitment to vigorously pursue the terrorists who want to take it out on the people of Michigan,” explained attorney Matthew Schneider.

    The resident of the Small-Maghreb, in the district of Saint-Michel, now 50 years old, had entered the United States on 16 June, having previously done research on the laws surrounding firearms in the United States. Unable to procure a firearm, he was however laid over a knife, with which he had stabbed the police officer Jeff Neville at the airport Bishop on June 20, argued the authorities.

    The witnesses had stated that he had shouted “Allahu Akbar” at the time of stabbing the police officer.

    In court, last summer, Ftouhi had repeated the words “Allahu Akbar”, in addition, to assert that the United States are the enemies of Allah.