A policeman wounded by a bullet to the outcome of a lawsuit

News 31 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Saturday, 31 march, 2018 09:24

    Saturday, 31 march, 2018 09:24

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    EVANSBURg, Alberta | A police officer of the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) has been injured in an exchange of fire on Thursday near Evansburg, in the south of Alberta.

    The police 59-year-old had chased the vehicle of a 21 year-old man, suspected of murder on a resident of Calgary, according to Global News. The man refused to stop at the request of police officers and carpets to nails had to be deployed to stop the race.

    “A confrontation ensued between the police and the suspect, who was the sole occupant of his vehicle, says a press release issued by the RCMP. The man has been mortally wounded and a police officer suffered minor injuries.”

    The police officer had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter. The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, tasked to investigate when a person dies or is seriously injured during a police action (the equivalent of the Office of independent investigations in Quebec), has been called to the scene of the shooting.

    Adam Bettahar was suspected of having killed a young woman from Calgary and was the subject of an arrest warrant to the greatness of Canada.