A tincture sends 40 days in the hospital

News 22 March, 2018
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    Ode Salon Stylist has a storefront in downtown Three Rivers.

    Amélie St-Yves

    Thursday, march 22, 2018 10:19

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    THREE-RIVERS | A visit to the hairdresser has turned to tragedy for a nurse that was burned in the third degree and that will keep a visible scar on his head all his life.

    Caroline Blais and her husband continue to 408 222,79 $ the company Ode Salon Stylist, hairdresser Rémi Cardin, as well as the insurance Company Optimum.

    May 26, 2015, Ms. Blais, aged 26 years, presented at her hairdresser’s usual to get hair dyed. At the beginning, everything was going well, but the hairdresser has failed of a mixture of products bleach and dye. He then went to recover the other. The prosecution did not specify whether it is he who has made the second mixture to complete.

    14 months without work

    As soon as the second mix has been applied, the client began to suffer. She retired from the dryer.

    “A few minutes later, the plaintiff no longer feel the back of his neck, and fear to lose knowledge, asked the defendant to remove the aluminum foil from aluminum and products of its hair,” can one read in the pursuit.

    The nurse presented to the emergency which it has identified third-degree burns. She was admitted to hospital 40 days in the burn unit of the Hospital of the Child Jesus, of Quebec, and has missed 14 months of work, always according to the lawsuit.

    His wound is now healed and can stay in the open air. But she will need to wear prosthetic hair all his life and guard of other side effects such as anxiety, impaired concentration, and nausea.

    A Rare case

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    Ali Izadpanah


    Severe burns to the scalp caused by hair products are rather rare, according to the director of surgery at the burn unit of the CHUM, Ali Izadpanah. They can be caused by the peroxide or the Bleach that is found in the products, if it is left too long or too concentrated.

    The hair does not grow back on a third-degree burn injury and the hair transplant are almost impossible, according to the expert.

    The owner of the salon, Caroline Béland, refused our interview request, and Caroline Blais did not respond.