A tricky puzzle from the Soviet past, which enters into a stupor every arrogant egghead!

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 16:42

A tricky puzzle from the Soviet past, which enters into a stupor every arrogant egghead!
Check sharpness.

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It would seem that thanks to such a large amount of information modern people must be much smarter than their grandfathers and grandmothers that even the Internet can’t master. But is it? We Excel in cleverness of their relatives from previous generations?

To compete on an equal footing, let’s try to solve an interesting puzzle, printed once in one of the Soviet journals. Just be warned: you will need to turn the sharpness to full capacity, because otherwise you are waiting for an unconditional surrender.

Here’s a picture which shows tourists, busy with their own Affairs. Someone cleans the fish, someone chopping wood, and someone sews up clothes.

1. Tell me, how long was the rain in this area?

2. See on the background of cloudless sky the plane flies? What do you think, which city he carries passengers?

3. No wonder tourists have chosen this clearing. In cold water I guess a lot of tasty fish. But which way the river flows?

4. It seems that the young people had chosen a good place to stay. But how are they experienced travelers? How do you think?

5. The birches stretched a rope, and it dries clothes. Whether she will have time to dry before sunset?

6. One of the guys cleans a large and delicious fish. But who the company was she caught?

7. At the bottom of the ravine, near the water, growing sunflower. Can you tell what height he will grow up?

We agree that the issues are complicated. But nobody said that the task would be simple. Moreover, we warned that the search for answers will take a lot of effort.

Well? Happened to cope? If so, we congratulate you, read the correct answers below.

1. Rain, if there was, it was a very long time. Otherwise, a lot of young people just be flooded. And on wet ground they would not break camp.

2. The aircraft does not carry passengers, because he handles field. Looks like spraying fertilizer.

3. The direction of flow can be determined by carried in the direction of the floats.

4. Hardly tourists can be called experienced. The young man, sews the clothes, took too long thread, and it is inconvenient to sew. A young man who splits with an axe the wood is located too close to the fire. He and smoke inhale and chips lunch will be covered.

5. For clothes it is seen that the wind is blowing, so he will have time to dry.

6. Nobody. Fish purchased. It can be seen that she sea, and near the river. But apparently, young people one fish was not enough, so they hope and do something to catch.

7. Sunflower will no longer grow. Looks like it was pulled out of the ground and put in a bunch of garbage. If he was raised, its upper part is directed towards the sun. The shadow that he casts, it is clear that sunflower looking in the opposite direction from our star party.

How many answers did you give?