A veteran of the Hells Angels recycled in the construction

News 12 March, 2018
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    Walter Stadnick, as can be seen in an undated photo wearing his jacket Hells of the Montreal chapter, was sentenced to 14 years in 2004.

    Monday, 12 march 2018 22:38

    Monday, 12 march 2018 22:38

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    A well known member of the Hells Angels has just been rewarded for her model behavior since his release from prison.

    In his ” CV “of a biker, Walter Stadnick has held the positions of president of the montreal chapter of the Hells and the national president of the band, in addition to having been one of the nine founding members of its section Nomads with Maurice” Mom ” Boucher.

    However, it is now recycled as a construction worker ” reliable, motivated and positive “, according to the parole Board of Canada (PBC) in a decision issued in its place at the beginning of the month.

    Aged 65 years, Stadnick seems very different from the Hells Angel whose jacket was adorned with the crest “Filthy Few” – a distinction awarded to members who have killed for their organization – and which, according to the informer Stéphane “Godasse” Gagné, left his gun on the table ” when he went out to eat in the cafés of the city centre of Montreal during the war of the bikers, which broke out in the 1990s.

    End of the diet dry

    Stadnick, who has received his or her “patches” of a member in good standing of the Montreal chapter of the Hells in 1982, had been arrested in operation Springtime 2001, like the other Nomads of the deceased ” chapter of the elite “.

    Found guilty of conspiracy to murder, drug trafficking and gangsterism, following a trial, he was sentenced to 14 years and 7 months in penitentiary in 2004. This penalty will expire in the winter of 2019, but the veteran rider has been released from office in the fall of 2014 after having served two-thirds.

    Returned to live in Ontario, her home province, the sexagenarian “meets all expectations” of the federal authorities since he left the penitentiary, according to the PBC.

    Several conditions had been imposed, including the prohibition to consume alcohol. To ensure that it followed the regime dry, the correctional services have caused him to spend alcotests randomly, in addition to analyze their own urine samples. He has never failed a test.

    Snapped up by a priest

    The PBC has therefore waive this requirement to allow him to take a beer or a glass of wine ” with his wife and his friends “, at home or in a restaurant. It cannot, however, enter into the bars or going to individuals gangs.

    Last year, the PBC had also allowed the architect of the expansion of the Hells through Canada back to the bike.

    Nicknamed ” Nurget “, he had been severely injured in a motorcycle accident that occurred in unusual circumstances, in September 1984, near Drummondville.

    In the company of a dozen other Hells, Stadnick was travelling in the direction of a cemetery where one of his brothers murdered had been buried a year earlier. At this time, pope John Paul II was expected to visit in Quebec.

    Without a doubt, distracted, a priest who went to see the Holy Father failed to stop at an intersection. His car was struck several motorcycles Hells and Stadnick has caught fire. In this accident which caused the death of a prospect in the gang, Stadnick had been severely burned on the face.

    In 2006, the tax authorities had claimed an amount of $ 1.2 million corresponding to income of illegal traffic of narcotic drugs. Stadnick, who had never said more than $ 35,000 in annual income in his tax returns, filed for bankruptcy two years later.