About the cat (reading is not recommended, the day will be disrupted)

Techno 7 December, 2017

2017-08-18 13:30

About the cat (reading is not recommended, the day will be disrupted)
The first ten years of his life he was just a cat. Powerful, arrogant creature gray-brown color, with a dense long hair, matted on the sides in the eternal tangles. Aprobadas deep scratches on the face and torn to tatters, the ears gave him quite the gangster look.

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In the vastness of our old and neglected apartment, he, as proud and free Nokhchi lived by plunder and robbery, reports Rus.Media. Outside the did not disdain and violence. Demanded rights, and methyl. Being centering on the district, he mercilessly killed all the cats are totally inadequate to responding to the slightest pretensions to his side. Sometimes it seemed that he was possessed by the indomitable spirit of the great karate, Masutatsu, AAMI, with such a raging kokosinski the pressure of rushed it on all opponents, sweeping them, sweeping in the dust, even thought about some kind of resistance.

His name appeared only when the grown daughter, and called him to unify Tim, as well as mother-in-law home sasusakunaru Wiebke, always piss behind the couch. The cat was harsh. Taking me as an equal wife and the daughter he has definitely put itself lower in the family hierarchy and treat them with a condescending contempt. Had growing up took this situation as it is , the woman getting into the hands of the steering wheel for me, tried hurriedly to subjugate and Cat. However, dick.

Bumping in the final stage of rapid megawoman intercourse on grimly frowning as the seventh behi polariser through which the cat disdainfully watched the master’s sweaty fuss every time she was embarrassed, and pervasis on polemics had wrapped himself in a blanket, asking to remove this sassy animal . Once satisfied cat with his tail walked by himself.

Pride never allowed him to ask, he always demanded or took from the battle. Carefully put the wife in the clean bowl of the food was a little dried out and disappeared. Hungry and angry, he went to participate in family meals: sitting in front of the table to free the stool she put her head on the table and closed his eyes, showing complete indifference to what is happening. But it was distracted only for a second from under the table with a swift hook of rastapasta flew, with claws, paw and elusive movement wavative with the nearest dish of hamburger or sausage. Same as in his bowl. Deservedly received from me a hefty kick, he’s not releasing the prey flew Hughes kitchen and hallway and crashing into the door of the bath as if nothing had happened, rose and proudly with his tail, went back to have my feet safely eat a well-earned piece. We, despite everything, respect each other, but the rules also had to keep. The law is the law.