All that leads to good mood, good for the mind!

Techno 22 January, 2018

2018-01-22 13:50

All that leads to good mood, good for the mind!
Psychologists believe that watching funny videos is beneficial to the mood and improves the thinking process.

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It turns out that people who spend time watching funny videos on the world wide web make it is not in vain. According to psychologists, everything leads you in a good mood, good for the mind.

“Generally, positive mood enhances creative thinking and makes his thoughts more flexible and at the same time accurate” – say psychologists from the University of Western Ontario.

American psychologists conducted a study involving students who, being in different moods, answered questions of a number of tests to identify learning abilities. Scientists manipulated the mood of the students through music and videos such as the works of Mozart, soundtrack from the film Schindler’s List, the movie, laughing child, or a message about the earthquake. In the end, it turned out that volunteers who listened to cheerful music or watched a funny video, cope with intellectual tasks better than those who received negative or neutral information.

“If you have a challenge to show their creativity, or your assignment requires carefully considered decisions, good mood – that’s what you need”, – scientists believe. Music is a great way to create the mood, and it does not have to be Mozart: the main thing that this music made you pleasant associations.