All was in order with the intimacy in your couple?

Techno 22 January, 2018

2018-01-22 13:58

All was in order with the intimacy in your couple?
Woman all is well with personal life, can be immediately identified by appearance: her eyes are glowing with confidence, she is relaxed and calm. The lack of normal intimacy, in turn, causes stress, irritability, etc

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It is known that sexual energy is the strongest in our body and if it is not directed in the right direction (except directly sex this can be a sublimation in art, sport, career), is destructive to our body, reports Rus.Media.

But it can also happen that one of the partners are quite satisfied with personal life, and doesn’t even know the second something doesn’t suit you. To determine what this relationship is all right can be as simple signs:

1. You both care about the pleasure of each other.Partners who tend not only to receive but to give pleasure – receive it twice. Although there is another side of the coin. Some (mainly ladies) are so concerned that the partner was satisfied and didn’t think they cold in bed, try my best, if only he was well, completely forgetting about what they want. The key to good sex: enjoy yourself and give it away to a friend.

2. Consent and communication. In order that the sex was high quality – it needs to be discussed. But despite the fact that the intimate sphere is no longer a taboo and on television, sometimes you can hear things that can drive into the paint of the adult men, to discuss personal life of a tete-a-tete, as before can not all. The normal schedule of healthy intimate relationships, which is fair for both partners say what they want and get it.

3.A willingness to experiment. Nothing so kills the joy of sex as a boredom and monotony. From time to time try something new, change, circumstance, posture, play with emotions, buy sex toys. This does not mean that life should turn into a carnival in Rio… but why not?

4. Don’t forget about foreplay. Sex can be quick and passionate, or slow and gentle. But even during fast and rough sex need not to forget to create the appropriate mood. Man is not a robot, I pressed the finish button. People technically ready faster, for a woman to join in the game need more time. Therefore, the prelude equalizes the chances of achieving the peak of pleasure. Yes, and in itself is a pleasure.

5. You are both active in bed. Gone are the days when to be active in bed was equal for women to shame and a mortal sin. Men love it when from time to time a woman takes the initiative in their own hands. Difficult to work for two, especially if at some point the impression that it only need you.

6. You don’t take sex seriously. You should not be too serious about what happens in bed. After all, sex is a pleasure, not a chore, for which a badge “excellence in production”.

7. Time after sex. You like to not only engage with each other sex, but after it (or between sexual acts). You don’t want to turn away and go to sleep or to get somewhere partner, real fun talk about anything, relax and tired arms, you think that lying so it forever. This is perhaps one of the most important signs that sex in your couple, all is well.