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Entertainment, Techno 11 July, 2017


George and Amal Clooney are the proud parents of Ella and Alexander, twins, born on the 6th of June last. We now know which of the two babies saw the light of day the first.

Since their birth June 6, Ella and Alexander, the twins Amal and George Clooney, and discover the world around them and make the happiness of their family. The lawyer and the famous actor still have not unveiled the faces of the toddlers to the press and prefer for now to keep them away from the hustle and bustle of the media. Only the parents of Amal and George’s father have given information after the birth, stressing that everything had gone very well, that the babies were beautiful and everyone was in very good health. A few days ago, the small family departed for Italy in order to spend good time and relax in their villa on the banks of lake Como.

While waiting to discover their face, the american press is inquiring about the details of childbirth. Thanks to the birth certificates obtained by Entertainment Tonight, a mystery comes to be elucidated. We now know that Ella and Alexander showed the tip of his nose first. This is Alexander, born on 12 hours, 54 accurate while Ella was born at 12 o’clock 56. These two minutes apart, enough to make the elder of the siblings ? Parents make any difference and the bridge of love in equal measure.

Photo credits : Anthony Ghnassia/SIPA

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