American developed the game for iPhone X that you want to play with the eyebrows

Techno 19 December, 2017

2017-12-19 09:43

American developed the game for iPhone X that you want to play with the eyebrows
Nathan Htter from USA, who studied computer science at the University of Washington, created arcade games Rainbrow

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The player needs to collect stars and Dodge obstacles, but this must be done not with fingers or by tilting the smartphone, and with the movements of the eyebrows, reports Rus.Media.

To recognize their position on the face of the player used camera TrueDepth, this means that the game will be only on the iPhone X.

Management is quite simple – a neutral facial expression leaves a smiley face on a place, highly raised eyebrows translate it up a notch, frowning – step below. The levels of all colors of the rainbow are stars to collect and obstacles in the form of cars, ducks, balls, ghosts, weather events, etc.

The game can be seen on this video from the author of games Rainbrow:

While the game has only one level. In the next update, the author promises to add new capabilities, including the purchase of new characters, as well as support for Apple’s Game Center for multiplayer mode. Special attention is paid to privacy, the author notes that all information about that person collected during game play, stays on the device, anywhere and no one is sent, and after the playing session is destroyed.

In General, Nathan Gtter believes that we will have a heyday of games that will use the camera TrueDepth and the human body as the controller. As an example, he cites one more game Nose Zone, which appeared in the App Store a week ago. In it the player will have to destroy the whole, pointing to their own nose (the download link).

App Rainbrow free (although the iPhone X could afford to pay at least $ 0.99 for such an interesting game).