An unintended reference by the Trump team boosts sales in 1984

News 26 January, 2017

A reference to the novel in 1984 , used unintentionally, by Councillor Donald Trump, has boosted sales of the book by George Orwell, to the point of pushing the publisher ordered 100,000 additional pounds Wednesday.

To defend the White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, who had clearly insured that the inaugural hearing of the new president was the most important ever, councilor Kellyanne Conway on Sunday described these elements as “facts Alternatives “.

It has been shown that the crowd present Friday for the ceremony in Washington was significantly smaller than that came to greet the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009.

Several media quickly noted that the term used by Kellyanne Conway was employed in the novel 1984 , which describes a society where the government tightly controls information.

The author, George Orwell, introduces the notion of “double thought”, which leads the government to make its version of the facts and impose it as “truth,” which cohabits with reality.

During the hours that followed the controversy, sales in 1984 , originally published in 1949, have soared. The book was Wednesday at the top of sales of the US site of the Amazon sales platform.

According to a spokesman for Signet, a subsidiary of Penuguin Random House, which holds book rights in the United States, the sales of the novel have been multiplied by nearly a hundred since the inauguration of Donald Trump (+ 9500%).

After printing an additional 75,000 copies of the book earlier this week, Signet Wednesday placed a new order for 100,000 units of several books by George Orwell, including “1984”, “to meet the demand”, The spokesman told AFP.

Since its first publication in 1984 has sold 30 million copies in the US, according Bookmark.

For the psychologist Marilyn Wedge, who published an article on the website Psychology Today , it is possible to bring about a rapprochement between 1984 and practices of the young Trump administration.

Donald Trump “tries to make us believe what he and his advisors say rather than what our own eyes tell us,” she said.