Anal sex without pain

Techno 8 December, 2017

2017-11-22 20:30

Anal sex without pain
No doubt these tips will help you to be happy during the anal experience, but it is worth remembering that we are all different we all have our body with a unique experience. So if you want to try, experiment and enjoy!

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When you hear about anal sex, what break your imagination? Indescribable pleasure, sensual intimacy, the discovery of new, previously unknown feelings? Maybe you dream about the crazy orgasms that are several times stronger than you have ever experienced?

Probably not. Most of those who has never tried anal sex, well aware of the fact that such experiments are extremely painful. All the pleasant sensations came to us from the porn, watching the frantic acrobatic session, we know that this entails pleasure. Well, at least we think so, hearing the moans of the actors. But because of various myths and incorrect experiments, people used to think that pain during anal sex is a normal phenomenon and it’s simply to endure, that pass through the sphincter, and there will be easier. And sometimes, even a slight penetration can cause unbearable pain, suffering extremely difficult. But still for the beloved, so he was happy. Girls, don’t do that.

Anal sex should not be painful, should not cause hatred and desire to kill. Instead of having to stretch your ass to the size of the black hole, causing all kinds of abrasions, tears and even bring to blood. You should enjoy and get the most infinite pleasure from anal sex, and this is not fiction porn, but a very pleasant reality, if you do everything carefully and correctly. Today we will talk about how to avoid painful anal sex. No, creams are frozen and pain-relieving creams, sprays or gels will not help, they can do much worse, and you will know all the delights of medicine with her medical treatment. If you freeze yourself, then at one point you just cannot understand if something went wrong.

Experiments with self-satisfaction

In the world there is only one person who will be able to determine. Will your anal experience is painless and that’s you. If you are interested in research your body for anal play, the best way to experiment is to be in masturbatory bliss, before you let anyone else up to their priests. You need to know what you feel down there between the two rolls when you penetrate with your fingers or a toy. Your subconscious must have a clear idea of the shape and texture of the anus. Experiencing these feelings yourself, you can control the speed and depth of touch and penetration. You can teach yourself, in what position and in what circumstances to relax muscles, to learn to slow down when needed, and understand how far you can go. Thus, those who learn about anal sex using anal solo Masturbation, often notice is the fact that doing it according to his senses, they feel no pain. Surprise.

Talking about this

After you played it a lot with self-knowledge and was convinced that anal sex is not painful for you, the most important step that you should do to prepare for anal sex with a partner and receive pleasure is to talk about it. Before the act, during and even after. You should always communicate to the partner was fully informed on your discomfort, possible discomfort and if the pain appears. Moreover, you need to catch the teams with each other, for example, “move slower” or “add more oil” you have to talk about their needs, even if passion overwhelms you. Knowing that your partner will definitely listen to you and knows about your needs, you will be able to fully relax and trust him. And, as you know, relaxed state promotes smooth penetration, and this is one of the most important factors of anal sex. If you’re stiff, your muscles will be clamped, the affiliate will be harder to break through your barrier, and it brings pain. And remember, if you hurt, you feel that it is impossible to endure, then something went wrong.

One of the best ways to get rid of stress and to stop being nervous is the massage. Long and luxurious massage using warming oils will help the skin and muscles to relax. Starting with a back massage, slowly down to the butt, creates a good ground for the expectation and apprehension. And when your partner finally gets to your priests, you will already be fully prepared for the next games. Fears recede and you, absolutely nothing will interfere.

Focus on sensuality

If you take a closer look at how it happens in porn, you will understand that all these rough, fast movement created exclusively for the show than for the experience. Porn, of course, a good teacher in many cases, but it will never show the feelings and fears of the actors. A lot of people watching bright pictures with full confidence try anal sex without much foreplay, straight up, hardcore, a little saliva on the anus, then the cock, here goes nothing. And after this there is nothing surprising in the fact that anal sex in their sexual lives no longer, but the memories cause insomnia and panic attacks.

If you care about your partner, if you want to have anal sex, then you should forget about all these hot anal scene with porn remember sensual action starting the experiments from scratch.

First and foremost remember, anal sex is dirty sex, in the truest sense of the word, so you need to do as much as possible of the action, cleaning themselves, so there’s no confusion. Take a shower together before the game, this is a hot way to bring sensuality and tenderness in your analne fun. And it will give you confidence before the fear of purity. Many people hesitate on anal sex because of the reluctance to meet with anything dirty. Nowadays, there are many ways to cleanse the bowels prior to anal sex. This additional jet shower, or a special enema. In any case, a hot shower, perhaps even with elements of oral sex, with the roaming hands all over the body, will calm you down and will help tune in a sexy mood. And yet, should not forget about the condom which will protect from various infections.

Everything must be slippery. Very slippery

When it comes to safe and painless sex a role takes an indispensable and necessary, important assistant, such as a lubricant. Remember that the anus has no natural lubrication like the vagina, so you need to make your own arrangements. Attempt to penetrate the ass without lubrication, significantly increases the likelihood of fractures, injury and frenzied pain. You have to understand that saliva is bad oil as a cream or vaseline. For anal sex long ago developed a huge number of correct, high-quality and readily available lubricants which will make your anal sex enjoyable.

There are four basic types of lubricants that you can use: water-based, silicone, hybrid and oil. At the moment the most popular anal lubricant, there are those that are silicone based, they are not absorbed, longer dry and it slides. Each person has their experiences and preferences in this matter, and yet you do not personally try, you are unlikely to know what is right for you.

Evaluate adequately the dimensions

Usually, when it comes to sex, we are trying to reassure themselves that size doesn’t matter. However, when it comes to the action itself, the size is not just important, it can ruin all the fun. One of the most common sources of pain during anal sex is to try to use something that your body is not ready to accept. Especially if you dare that is ready to play with a huge cock, although yesterday screamed at the sight of the little finger and imagined how it would be to break your virgin ass. In spite of your courage and a strong desire to experience everything at once, you should reduce your enthusiasm and understand that it will hurt. If you enjoy anal intercourse, it is necessary to begin with the least options and then increase the size gradually. And it is not always necessary to get inside. Focus on the sensations that you can experience soft ass caressing all around the anus. In fact, there are so many ways to fantastic sensations and prepare yourself for penetration, such as riming or analingus. It is very important to experience these physical and mental associations on your body so that you have something that you can go back, soothing your body, if you feel uncomfortable. Once you are prepared, relaxed and really ready, you can start the penetration in the anus with something small. For example, the tiny vibrator or finger (main trim nails, treat the hands and get rid of rough skin in the form of burrs around the nail, no stimuli). Of course, you can immediately start with large toys, or take any thing that lies on the nightstand, but starting small and gradually increasing size, increase your sense of expectations and reduce the risk of pain.

Not in a hurry

Finally, patience is the best ally and virtue, when it comes to anal sex. Everything, always in a hurry to make it to the dessert, even though we know that we must first enjoy the main course. When you decide to penetrate, of course, would be difficult to resist to not immediately penetrate into the coveted fold with all his strength, to feel this elastic awe. However, anal sex is traumatic and should not be a quick sex, so try to keep your excitement under control and to afford natural and slow motion.

Poses for Anal sex

If the penetration is the ultimate goal of your anal adventures, the penetration of fingers, a toy, or a penis, it is important to choose a comfortable, practical and pleasant pose. Anal sex can be enjoyed in virtually any position, even standing on my head singing in the pose of a camel. But there are a couple of poses that will help you greatly to avoid anal pain. The first is not strange posture of a rider. When a girl is on top she can control the pace and depth of penetration, like masturbating your cock like a toy. The second is the attitude on the side, a lovely relaxed position that allows the anus to open safely and make penetration very easy.