And you know why you can’t sleep feet to the door?

Techno 15 February, 2018

2018-02-15 11:39

And you know why you can’t sleep feet to the door?
How dangerous is the location of the bed?

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Surely you have heard that it is impossible to sleep feet to the door, reports Rus.Media.

But what is dangerous is the location of the bed, many do not know. Let’s try to understand this question by using the ancient Taoist teachings of Feng Shui.

The belief that you can’t sleep with my feet towards the door, was not just. This is a very good reason. Feng Shui warns: sleep feet to the door is dangerous for your life!

It carried feet first dead. It is believed that the door is a portal that shares the energy of different parts of the space. And the window and door are the places through which there can pass negative energy Sha.

If a person sleeps facing the door, the negative Sha energy aimed right at him, which affects his health and well-being.

Also you can’t sleep head to the door. The same negative energy affects sleeping and breaks his quiet sleep.

But the most dangerous location during sleep is between the window and the door. In this case, the Sha energy to freely pass through the man, piercing him and displacing his soul. The same applies to sleep between two Windows and two doors.

During sleep, the person becomes especially vulnerable. That is why the bed must be placed in a safe place, headboard to the wall. It is desirable that the bed had a high headboard.

Put on the windowsill in the bedroom plant, which will block the flow of negative energy. Over the door hang protective charms.

Choose for the bedroom the most thick and heavy curtains. And be sure to close the door on the night.