Apple presents new emojis at the World Emoji Day!

Techno 20 July, 2017

This July 17 is the Emoji World Day. And as Apple has greatly participated in their popularity via iOS and MacOS, the Cupertino firm has introduced new emojis.

The World Emoji Day is simply the day of emojis. Also called emoticons in French, these little characters facilitate our discussions. Thanks to the emojis, you can for example send sexto without being vulgar or simply communicate quickly with your friends. And on this world day of Emoji, Apple decided to treat us. The Cupertino firm has presented some new emojis that will soon appear. Between the woman who is breastfeeding the hipster, one will be entitled to all the emotions again. It is up to you to discover them now.

Apple is preparing to exhilarate us with these emojis which should soon be available on these different operating systems. While waiting for their release, you can have fun with the emojis of Black M or discover the complete list of future emojis of Apple. And do not forget, a single emoticon is worth 10 words.