Apple Watch: Sales higher than Samsung Gear S2 and S3?

Techno 3 February, 2017

According to Tim Cook, Apple has never sold so many watches connected before. But here, the Apple never reveals the sales figures of its Apple Watch. Yet, everything suggests that it would be far ahead of Samsung’s Gear S2 and S3.
All goes well for the Apple Watch. Even if the Apple has never revealed the sales figures of its connected watch, everything leads to believe that it sells very well. If one refers to analysts, the Apple Watch (which now has a movie mode) dominate easily smartwatches industry. According to highly informed Strategy Analytics, Apple sold no less than 5 million watches connected to the last quarter 2016 . Meanwhile, Samsung has elapsed “only” 800,000 watches while other manufacturers have sold 2.2 million watches during the same period.
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If the smartwatches market seems to have stagnated for a while, Apple Watch accounts for 63.4% of this market. Over the years, the competition has succeeded in scratching scarcely a few thousand copies at the head-up watch that has completely revolutionized this sector. The three parties will have been saving for the Apple Watch which will still soon face the new LG G Watch, whose price has fuiter . One thing is for sure, the battle of connected watches is far from over.