As the hour of our birth affect our lives?

Techno 14 December, 2017

2017-12-14 13:47

As the hour of our birth affect our lives?
The hour of birth determines our appearance and character.

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Consequently affects the fate of each person, reports Rus.Media.

In astrology divided the day into 12 segments, each of 2 hours:

00:00 — 02:00

This time protects the mercury. These people are usually the best students in school and University. They possess excellent organizational and analytical abilities. Often look younger than their years. Their work can be related to travel and communication. In romantic relationships these people are far too open or very closed.

02:00 — 04:00

Born in this time, people are under the protection of Venus. These people know very well the value of money. They are incredible workaholics. Really appreciate the comfort in your home. Most often I like to do things with their hands. I love art and music. Always follow the fashion trends. In love, they appreciate loyalty and devotion.

04:00 — 06:00

These people manage Mars. They are distinguished among other people. Most often it is exceptional and vibrant personality. Can be aggressive. With them is never boring. In love they need a strong and strong-willed person. Often achieve excellent results in his career.

06:00 — 08:00

These people ruling planet Neptune. Often these people are very religious and spiritual. They have a deep character, you know everything and everyone. Difficult to choose suitable profession. In romantic relationships often do the unexpected and unexplained actions.

08:00 — 10:00

These people manage the Uranium. Very nice and friendly people. Often have a lot of friends. They are the informal leaders in any company. These people do not perceive the show. They are always exclusively for the truth in any form.

10:00 — 12:00

These people are under the patronage of Saturn. They are people often have great authority in society. They are very successful in their careers. In the professional field it is very suitable to be managers. In personal life they are often alone, because all the time is a career. In love they are constant and attentive.

12:00 — 14:00

People born at this time, the ruling planet Jupiter. Strangely enough, these people are poor students, but the best teachers. The people around them, very often turn to him for advice. It’s very easy to become a Professor. I love travel. In love, they prefer extraordinary or exotic people.

14:00 — 16:00

These people are under the protection of Pluto. They often help and support other people. They are often unable to anticipate every situation in advance. In a love relationship, they prefer sexual partners, because they themselves are incredibly sexy. At work most often strive to be friends with them.

16:00 — 18:00

These people are under the protection of Venus. These people are very attractive in the eyes of others. These people are either fabulously lucky or they are complete losers. It’s a very romantic people. Always know who they want in a love relationship, until the clothes in which he should be. Cinderella is their favorite fairy tale. They are perfect wives or husbands.

18:00 — 20:00

They protects the mercury. The main thing in their life – a job where they are valued and respected and health. Some of them love diet and proper nutrition. They know all about medications and a healthy lifestyle. Among them there are many doctors or people with medical education. Other “live” online. Can be gamers, or programmers.

20:00 — 22:00

These people protects from the Sun. They have a direct route to the stage. The main thing in their life is passion, love and children. They know the art of flirting from birth. Very amorous people. They behave like movie stars. Respectively in love they need a Director. In their relations there is always a passion.

22:00 — 24:00

The moon protects people born at this time. They are very responsive feel around. They always show concern to all. May have great power over people. Family is sacred to them. Always strive to create a family, where we want to be the head.