As the number of the apartment affect the life of a man who lives in it

Techno 7 December, 2017

2017-10-05 21:31

As the number of the apartment affect the life of a man who lives in it
Scientists numerologists said that the number of the apartment or home affect a person’s life.

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If the value matches with your energy, in this room you will be comfortable to live, reports Rus.Media. It is not surprising, but even the walls can be a real fortress and help in everything.

Very often what happens is that the members of the same family feel differently. Why is this happening?

So, you first need to calculate the numerological number of your apartment. The calculation is very simple. For example, your room 138 = 1+3+8 =12. Thus, the numerological number of housing – 1+2=3.

Figure 1. This apartment fills owners with creative energy and joy of life. Planet Is The Sun. It allows you to stand out and attract the attention of others. Accordingly, best suited for creative people – artists, poets, writers.

Figure 2. Planet — The Moon. The apartment number was favorable for people who work with young children, as well as chefs and musicians. That positive energy spread even better, install lots of mirrors, and the main color, choose a soft cream.

Figure 3. Planet — Mars. This apartment is not for lazy people. Don’t be passive, and that decisions will be made for you. The owners should be in good shape and in constant motion, otherwise stagnant energy will bring disease.

Figure 4. Planet — Mercury. You must “inhabit” the ultimate honesty.

Figure 5. Planet — Jupiter. Tenants may be associated with politics science. This house has a good purple color.

Figure 6. Planet — Venus. The tenants were really lucky — walk — do not want! Equip the room with large soft sofas. Install the round table, rug, flowers. Usually in an apartment I love animals.

Figure 7. Planet — Saturn. Tenants of such apartments often have different kinds of restrictions. But in the same apartment you will be able to deal with the hoarding or to master some professional skills.

Figure 8. Planet — Uranus. This apartment astrologers and clairvoyants.

Figure 9. Planeta — Neptun. Well it will be the priests, musicians, sailors and psychics.