[AUDIO] Eric Duhaime accuses Caroline Proulx to have lied to his researcher

News 29 March, 2018
  • Photo Jocelyn Malette
    Caroline Proulx

    Marie-Renée Grondin

    Thursday, 29 march 2018 15:47

    Thursday, 29 march 2018 15:47

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    The facilitator on FM93, Éric Duhaime, has accused the future candidate caquiste in Berthier, Caroline Proulx to have lied to his researcher.

    “She began her political career by telling a menterie to people who call him!”, has warned that Éric Duhaime on his show Wednesday, dropping a few expletives mitigated by the passage.

    Having heard rumors suggesting that the facilitator was going to launch an eminently political with the CAQ, the facilitator asked the researcher, Mathieu Boulay, validate the information with the main interested.

    This last would have denied categorically the information. The snag is that, a few hours later, the political analyst of Radio-Canada, Martine Biron, announced the news first on Twitter. This would be a good friend of Caroline Proulx, according to the facilitator.

    First: The facilitator well-known @caroaubureau will be a candidate for the #CAQ in the riding of Berthier. #polqc #assnat pic.twitter.com/JaUN62i66U

    — Martine Biron (@M_Biron) march 28, 2018

    “She said: “You are the 3rd or 4th who calls me. I am still surprise because this is not true,” said the researcher.

    Then he added a layer.

    “She said: “this is not true. My projects there, in the medium term, it is for me to go to Italy. I’m already gone, I had to go there last summer, but I had a replacement in LCN, so I postponed it. I am procedure to make my visa currently and in the coming months, I will be in Italy for possibly a year,” he recounted.

    “Morning! Not three years ago”, protested Eric Duhaime.

    And then the host dropped that”it was time to make the policy” as it is “enough liar for that.”

    “But why when you get into politics you have to mentes? Is it that it is a prerequisite that well?”, he also added.

    The facilitator then welcomed the nomination policy of his ex-colleague, but doesn’t seem to swallow everything that she has, according to him, lied to the researcher for his show.

    “I can’t believe it! Me, I know Caroline. I am glad she is going away in politics, I think for her, it is a natural progression, in the media, in fact, it was a couple of months we saw each other less, maybe it is a new career and a new opportunity. It was perhaps the most difficult in recent months, in recent years, and this is a girl who has beliefs rather center-right. I’m not very surprised that she has chosen the Coalition avenir Québec, the electoral district of Berthier, it is because of the family cottage caf you know, I don’t see that necessarily as a bad eye. But, the fact that we lie, tabarnouche! Why? It gives what?” if it is asked.

    “Because she gave the scoop to someone else!”, has advanced his co-host Myriam Segal.

    “Yes, but here, listen well! Do you really think the tweet from Martine Biron was so important that she had to lie?”, replied Éric Duhaime?

    “Yes,” retorted his co-host.

    “Ben! Imagine! If she is willing to lie to a tweet! What is she going to do when it will be time to vote out of millions?”, has questioned the moderator.

    “Expect that we are talking about the 3rd link, we are going to believe it!”, has blagué Myriam Segal.

    “Tabarnouche it starts very well!”, concluded Duhaime.