Best women zodiac sign

Techno 22 December, 2017

2016-04-29 11:15

Best women zodiac sign
What kind of woman will be faithful to one another in wealth and poverty, good and evil, in sickness and in health, and what better not to mess with in principle – I’ll tell you our Horoscope the best wives.

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Aries — wife and rival. Girl-Aries — strong woman, and all the weak men she doesn’t need. She needs a strong man, a strong fighter, able to withstand daily mini-Apocalypse: the temper of a woman Aries — entertainment is not for everyone, frankly. Therefore, when Aries finds a man who can handle it, it immediately becomes nice and marries him. And then the fun begins: the fight was equal, fought two of Aries. No one ever wins, because both Aries and her husband will be pumped power indefinitely, and until the silver wedding, apparently, will receive medals with the inscription: “Strength. Level: God.” But not rest.


Taurus wife is a motivator. Motivator eighties level. Women-Tauruses usually marry pretty gouging, because gouging is very nice to love: it’s always fun. But love is love, and always want to eat. And the young lady, Taurus want not only eat, but also, petusco. And house of cards. And the typewriter. And everybody envied her. Because dolt that fell into the hands of Taurus, very quickly met with a wide range of motivational techniques: she masterfully saws. She brilliantly manipulates. She skillfully blackmails. And Yes, needles under the fingernails to drive she is also able. Well, but the dolt will soon become rich and successful. If you survive.


Twins — wife-mirror. Almost mystical entity, mysterious and dangerous. There are women with whom the man sees himself as a great hero, there are women with whom a man feels himself a failure, and there are girls Twins. They know who he really is. Pretending to be useless: the Twins look to the essence, fed from the hands of domestic beasts and scratching behind the ear. That is why young ladies-Twins — the most happily married women: know about yourself the secret is ready, only a very, very good men. Holy men, in fact. Yes, definitely the saints: once they suffer internal monsters of the Twins, the name of which is Legion.


Cancer — the perfect wife. Lady-Cancer is not so easy to persuade him into marriage, but if it succeeded, it will show itself in all its glory: she’s smart, beautiful, mistress. Is leads home, perfectly growing kids, friends with her husband’s relatives. Always support a loved one, you always please everyone. Because family is important. Most importantly, she said! And who will neglect their family responsibilities, that she will take a steel claw for a spot. And show the brat what’s what!


Lioness — wife-Queen. Married Lionesses are only for those who are able to provide them the Kingdom at once and immediately. Well, the rest of his life to win the glory of their Queen of the new land and multiplied army of loyal vassals. That is why to live with a Lioness, in principle, very convenient: the man with the aggressive ambition — a strong man, and Lioness does not suffer next to any of the competitors. Therefore, everyone must do their thing: the Lioness — Shine, the husband of the Lioness — to provide her with all that is needed.


Virgo — intelligent woman. Very smart. Damn smart! She understands everything, she never needs to explain. It is possible to talk about everything. She will always support, will always give wise counsel. She and beloved, and best friend, so the men Virgins usually don’t have friends. And they, poor fellows, no one to cry on when the Girl is attacked by the weed. After all, when a Girl is attacking stupidity, she uses his giant brain to delicately dig the husband of his gentle, soft brains. But then she’ll apologize, of course, and admits that he was wrong. Like any smart woman.


Libra — wife-pussy. Cute, charming, but totally useless in everyday life being. On the other hand — what’s a house without a cat? Empty, cold house, bad apartment. And, by the way, the seals are not as simple as you think: if the lady-Scale not to care, to cherish, to wear on the handles and not allow it to occupy the whole bed, she’ll be offended and leave without a hat in the cold night. And useless to ask her what’s wrong, because: “Oh, everything!”


Scorpio — wife is a witch. A real witch, no joke. Will bewitch anyone, and then conjure him fame, success and wealth. The husband of the lady Scorpion all jealous: she is incredible beautiful, she is stunningly sexy, she’s smart, she is the embodiment of a perfect woman. A Scorpio man is the epitome of the perfect man: he’s smart and charismatic, and incredibly cool. Well because to go to him, in fact, nowhere: “Dominate and humiliate!” — that’s the credo of a woman-Scorpion, and those who did not survive — he is not a horseman. C’est La vie.


Shooter — fighting friend: it will be in fire and in water and in exploration. Behind her husband’s hiding because there easier to give him ammunition. So, it is important to understand that the Sagittarius man is really always need ammo. First, he needs to shoot the competitors who are absolutely not concerned about the fact that the girl-Archer if married. And secondly, it is necessary to escape during family quarrels. Though, to be fair — shoot from the angry woman-Sagittarius useless. Not the fact even that will help breaking a pomegranate. That plaintive cry “I’m to blame, and you’re right, dear!”.


Capricorn — principled wife. The young lady-Capricorn has a clear idea of what marriage is about, and it on a step will not retreat from it. Therefore, Capricorns never marry anybody with some kind of stupid love. Ladies-Capricorns know full well that the marriage will be happy only if the couple fashioned out of dough. The problem is that the Capricorn is not a test, but rather of solid wood. And your Guy, rest assured, it will modify to the ideal — even with an axe. However, in the process the chips will be flying and knock down bystanders, but then in the family of Capricorn there will be peace and order forever. Amen.


Aquarius — the wife of Schrodinger. Like it is, but at the same time, it as not. In the sense that in the fridge ladies-Aquarius daily commit suicide rodents from the pan forgotten on the stove, husband of Aquarius imposing a wink macaroni, and a cat is not always able to get into your pot without climbing equipment. And all because Aquarius believes: life is too short to spend it on low life. Family life is joy, laughter and fun! So a man with a female Aquarius never boring. Honestly, he barely has time to recover between two sessions of merriment.


Pisces — wife-actress. A person never knows what she really thinks, and, of course, has no idea what she’s doing in there all day. But he himself is always something to do: first, he spent his whole life trying to figure out what is really it soap. And secondly, he has to work stone wall, earner, master, lover and an interesting interlocutor. Because if the Fish are not secure, not to protect, not appease, not to entertain and not to throw himself at her feet gifts — she vilinet tail and come up to date. You ask what makes marriage the Fish itself? About the most difficult. She Adorns The Genesis. Tirelessly, literally.