Beyoncу pregnant with twins, Kim Kardashian is jealous!

Entertainment 4 February, 2017

While Beyonce makes an incredible buzz on the Web with her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian it, would be totally jealous of the singer!
Since Beyonce announced she was pregnant with twins, users only talk about it. Yes, the singer has literally broken Internet by revealing to the world that she was expecting twins. This is also on Instagram it unveiled the good news to his fans who were useful to him since published photograph has quickly become the most LiKee the social network. Visibly happy and fulfilled, Queen B also shared many photos of her pregnant and naked on his website. Shots that did not go unnoticed at all and that caused a sensation on the Web. And if the reaction of his daughter Blue Ivy was more qu’adorable face the new , that of Kim Kardashian is much less. Because according to new rumors, the wife of Kanye West is just jealous!
According to indiscretions revealed by Radar Online , Kim Kardashian could not bear that Beyoncé has so much attention. “Kim was shocked by Beyonce’s announcement and she watched how many people liked her photo, so when her friend Chrissy Teigen began tweeting saying she was one of Beyonce’s best friends, Kim was really hurt and worried ” said a source in American tabloid. So the TV reality star has done everything to steal the show from the mother of Blue Ivy. Starting with leave some doubt on her supposed pregnancy on Twitter and on the day of the announcement of the wife of Jay-Z . “She thinks she’s a bigger star than Bey, and she did not even congratulate him because knowing that Beyonce will have more kids than she is, it upsets her.” She looks so jealous that Beyonce is more famous she ” went further informant. These are new revelations that are likely to provoke strong reactions on the Web. But are they true? Stay tuned . Anyway, the interpreter of “Training” takes advantage of her pregnancy and that’s the most important. Moreover, the date of delivery of Beyoncé was unveiled and it’s coming soon! In your opinion, is Kim Kardashian jealous of Beyonce?