Beyonce and JAY-Z finally have a house, discover their luxurious villa

News 29 June, 2017

It was time ! After several years of research, Beyonce and JAY-Z have finally found their dream home. Discover all the pictures of their luxurious villa …
The good news goes on for Beyonce and JAY-Z! First of all, a few days ago, we learned that the international star had finally been able to return home. Yes, several days after giving birth to his twins, Beyoncé came out of the hospital . The interpreter of “Formation” remained at the bedside of her children, born prematurely. The Carter babies had jaundice and Queen B did not want to get away from them during their care. In any case, everything seems to be back in order. But then, another problem has come to disturb the couple. After living in a hotel, then in a summer villa, Bey and the rapper had no place to live , until today!
It took Beyonce and JAY-Z two years to find their luxurious villa. The Carter couple will play it prince and Princess of Bel-Air since it is in this neighborhood of Los Angeles that they decided to settle. With its 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 4 swimming pools, spa, tennis court and recording studio, Beyonce, her husband and their 3 children will not miss a place . Obviously, this charming villa has a price: 130 000 million dollars. Nothing is too good for the Carter family. To discover the pictures of Queen B’s house, just click HERE and HERE . In any case, after so many years of research, Beyonce and JAY-Z will not be out on the street after the end of summer.