Beyonce pregnant? A photo sows the doubt!

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

Will Beyonce announce good news soon? A recent photo of the singer makes us ask if this one would not be pregnant …

Just a few days writing said that Blue Ivy, the daughter of Beyoncé took three years ! Let time pass quickly … The child star looks more and more like her father Jay-Z and hope for her that when she grows up, she will have traits similar to her mother! Queen Bee is really a fan of her daughter and for a few months, he said that the young woman would want to enlarge the family … As the couple did not say these words, a picture of the singer during his recent holiday in Thailand casts doubt ! It is via Instagram that it wished to share his photos and one of them suggests that Bee is indeed pregnant. Indeed, it can be seen lying on a beach and covered with sand. Then observed that her flat stomach gives way to a good round belly ! Is it a way to play the media and Internet users or is Beyoncé really pregnant?
In all cases, our colleagues at meltyFashion have now-and-already the list of expected looks for a second pregnancy Beyoncé ! If it turns out that the singer is indeed pregnant, hope this time, there will be no controversy about this pregnancy … Remember, it was said for a while that Beyoncé would never have been pregnant with Blue Ivy and it sported a fake belly to make it the media that she was expecting a child. In any case, one thing is certain, we will follow this story closely ! Baby or not?