BlackBerry KEYONE: The most secure smartphone on the market? Not so sure (Excluded)

Techno 14 July, 2017

The BlackBerry KEYONE and TCL is without a doubt the most original smartphone on the market. But it is far from the most secure phone of Android terminals. I was able to unlock it … misplacing my password

The BlackBerry KEYone has it all. Its physical keyboard is a real treat for purists, its autonomy tutoie excellence and its interface is very simple to use. (Read my KEYone test for more information). But TCL and BlackBerry have presented this smartphone as the most secure of Android devices, which is far from fair. I forgot the code of my phone and to my surprise, I could still use the terminal. The situation is a bit bewildering, so let me explain everything that happened.

Once I realized that the BlackBerry KEYone (whose physical keyboard can do anything) laughs at my memory and I was unable to identify my password, I began to despair. Stressed like jaja, I tried several combinations but quickly, I ended up missing the 10 possible attempts. And then, miracle! The BlackBerry KEYone erased all my data and reset as if nothing had happened. It’s a little disturbing, is not it? Basically, just steal a KEYONE and play the Lotto by linking the combinations so that the device is accessible and … like new! Not very sure all that …