“Blank cheque” for the network structuring: Véronyque Tremblay corrects the shooting

News 21 March, 2018
  • Photo Simon Clark
    The minister for Transport, Véronyque Tremblay, in the company here of his daughter, who accompanied her for the day.

    Marc-André Gagnon

    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 17:03

    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 17:06

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    The minister for Transport, Véronyque Tremblay, regrets to have said on Monday that in the last municipal elections, the people of Quebec have somehow given “a blank cheque” for the network structuring of public transport.

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    “Let’s say that if it was to do over again, I don réutiliserais not this choice of words-there”, confessed the member of Chauveau, when questioned about this at the output of the liberal caucus.

    In contrast, Ms. smith considers that people have been able to understand that she merely wished to remind that the mayor of Quebec was indeed committed, during his campaign, to propose a network structure for public transport after the election.

    “Me, I have the impression that the voters of Quebec said that they wanted a transportation network structure, and this is what they have in front of them,” said, in the same sense that his colleague and minister in charge of Transport, André Fortin.

    “It was you really said it”, had reacted to Monday, the mp caquiste Eric Cairo, during the announcement of the support of the CAQ to the network structuring.

    “A blank cheque is not the proper interpretation to be given to any election whatsoever”, said Mr Cairo, recalling the importance, for the City of Quebec, to fulfill its commitment to hold consultations before going ahead with the project.

    No referendum

    Even though 56 % of respondents to a survey of SOM–FM93 calling for a referendum on this vast project of public transport, neither the CAQ nor the government wants to mingle with the method of consultation preferred by the City of Quebec.

    “It is up to them to decide,” said Ms. Tremblay. By contrast, she announced that she was going to see when the same population. This is important, because you can always improve the project.”

    “I think that it is already rendered at a stage when even advanced, we had eight years of studies on the best transit project,” said from his side, Mr. Fortin.

    Couillard attacked the CAQ

    In the room, the prime minister Philippe Couillard has not failed to accuse the CAQ have waited until Monday before to respond to the draft unveiled last Friday.

    “After years where it was déblatéré to the CAQ on the public transit on radio stations of Quebec, all of a sudden, we find it a little interesting, said the liberal leader. It has been noted that they have waited to Monday. Why they have waited until Monday? To wait for the direction of the wind, to hear the radio, to hear the polls. Not opinion, not belief, that is, the CAQ.”