Born in February? Your positive and negative sides!

Techno 12 February, 2018

2018-02-12 09:59

Born in February? Your positive and negative sides!
What are the light and dark sides are typical for people that were born in the freezing February.

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The period prior to 18 February is extraordinary and original, the Aquarius, and the last ten days of month, is the Kingdom of Fish, romantic, sensitive and very detached from earthly reality. What are the light and dark sides are typical for people that were born in frosty February, reports Rus.Media.

The pros February Aquarius (Feb 1-18)

1. Intelligence. – These people are like informative conversation and especially appreciate this skill in any relationship. They have excellent communication skills, they are always eager to obtain new knowledge and enjoy any learning process.

2. Adventurism. – They are very active, are always in motion and finding adventure. February Aquarians believe that the world is beautiful, and they don’t want to spend my life lying on the sofa. And they all always will have his way, that is, on the contrary.

3. Confidence. – They have a strong opinion about everything, and they are not shy to say what they have in mind. This is a very energetic and sociable people that create a pleasant and light atmosphere.

4. Independence. – They prefer to trust only yourself and rarely dependent on their partners. February Aquarians are very self-sufficient, they periodically need peace and quiet to immerse in own thoughts and to be alone with him.

Cons the February Aquarius (Feb 1-18)

1. Detachment. February Aquarians are too self-absorbed and therefore keep their distance. They do not allow anyone to touch their heart or to look into the soul. Around them can be a lot of people, but only some close to them. They do not allow emotions to take over his mind.

2. Stubbornness. – They can live their lives and to stick exclusively to their line, regardless of what others think. These people believe only their way is the only correct, and to get them to change their model of thinking is very difficult, even if you manage to prove them wrong.

3. Emotionalist. They carefully hide their emotions and can even enter into a relationship without experiencing deep feelings. But they require flexibility and a full understanding from your partner.

4. Rebelliousness. They constantly try to be different from everybody else right down to extremes. Among the February Aquarians a lot of these rebels and insurgents.

Pros the February Fish (from 19 to 28(29) February)

1. Intuitiveness. – These people were born with a well developed sixth sense and can easily understand the true motives and intentions of other people. If you encounter any problem, be sure to seek advice from a February Fish.

2. Generosity. They are genuinely happy if they have the ability to help those who need it. They are very generous in terms of gifts and attention, and you can always count on them.

3. Devotion. – February Pisces will do anything for their friends happy. They are absolutely loyal in friendship and in personal relationships.

4. Flexibility. – They enjoy new situations and social events. They are liberal, impartial, very flexible and tolerant.

Cons the February Fish (from 19 to 28(29) February)

1. Insularity. – If there is something that I hate February’s Pisces, so it is disputes and conflicts. They avoided any confrontations. Instead of voicing your opinion, they keep it to themselves and often go into their imaginary world.

2. Indecision. – They often don’t know what I want. When they can’t make the right decision, then fall into a state of confusion, disappointed and lost faith in everything.

3. Low self esteem. – Despite all their resources and talents, they tend to have low self-esteem that is the main obstacle to growth and development. They are constantly feeling sorry for yourself and doubting your own actions.

4. The detachment from reality. – People born in the last week of February, impractical. They are constantly hovering somewhere in the clouds, and therefore can not focus on my goals and desired achievements.