Cameras on school buses

News 12 March, 2018
  • Photo Jean-François Desgagnés
    Cameras are installed on a 13 bus distributed in the regions of Quebec, Montreal, Laval, Outaouais, Laurentides, Côte-Nord, Montérégie and the eastern Townships in the framework of a pilot project by a private company.

    Sophie Side

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 21:55

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 21:55

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    Thirteen school buses in Quebec, including two in the capital, will be running along the roads, for the next 45 days, with a system of cameras well special in order to evaluate the magnitude of the problem of overruns illegal of these famous vehicles yellow by motorists, in the framework of a pilot project.

    Every day, thousands of quebec motorists may exceed or would cross illegally passing school buses to stop when the flashing red lights are on and when the stop signal is deployed, depending on Bus Patrol, the quebec company that is responsible for the pilot project.

    “The problem is real, it has 8,000 buses in Quebec, and if we rely on our driver in Ontario, there is a passing by bus per day : it is therefore 8000 crimes per day in Quebec. And the police give about five tickets per day to Quebec [for such violations], ” says vice-president of Bus Patrol to the province, Roberto Rego.

    Convince the government

    Bus Patrol wish, therefore, for the pilot project that it funds (authorized by the MTQ, that is said to be ” observer “), to demonstrate the extent of the problem in the province and to convince the government to implement its solution on the school bus in Quebec.

    What is it ? “We transformed the school bus in the bus smart. They are connected through the cellular networks, and it is able to determine where the bus is located and filming the vehicles crossing illegally and to read license plates with up to 7 cameras which are installed just to the rear of the stop arm, ” explains the general director of Bus Patrol, Jean Souliere.

    The proposed technology will go a lot further : if the province opts for this solution, Bus Patrol takes care of the management of the proof that is sent to the police. Once the tickets issued by these Bus Patrol also offers to take care of the sending thereof.

    In The United States

    The technology of Bus Patrol – an invention of american – is deployed on approximately 5000 buses in six u.s. States. The leaders of the company also wish to implement their solution in different cities in Ontario as early as the next school year, after a successful pilot project, which has led the government of the province to amend its regulations for the admission of the videotape evidence.

    Bus Laval and Autobus Tremblay & Paradis are the two carriers that have jumped into the adventure for the pilot project in Quebec city. The two school buses will roll in the sectors of Jean-Lesage and Vanier-Les Rivières ” to collect data.

    At the end of the project, a monitoring committee composed of various stakeholders concerned with the school transport will make recommendations, in the light of the results obtained. The MTQ will then be able to assess whether it is relevant that such a project of cameras for school buses is officially set in motion.