Causes and tomacina nightmares

Techno 9 February, 2018

2018-02-09 22:03

Causes and tomacina nightmares
Nightmare at least once in your life, but each dream. Terrible dreams, after which many Wake up in a cold sweat, usually occur late at night and are so severe that sleep after them becomes nearly impossible. .

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A nightmare is a reflection of the present real-life anxiety and stress

Most therapists say with confidence that it is not necessary to perceive bad dreams literally, for they are not so much a harbinger of the future, as a reflection of the present real-life anxiety and stress.

In fact, the nightmare is the symbolic messages of our subconscious, through which dream is trying to convey to us certain information that in reality we can not to feel and not to understand, for example, a high degree of stress, nervous tension, fatigue, emerging diseases, or social problems.

In favor of this theory is the fact that most of the nightmares are actually not unique, and pattern of nightmares is quite traditional for all people.

Now compiled a list of the most common nightmares are dreams of very different people, of different ages and in different countries. Offer to read it.

Common nightmares and their interpretation

What dreams fall into the abyss

This is the most common nightmare. In fact, the dreams in which you fall, mean that in reality there is something that pulls you down, or on top of you pushing awareness of the importance of any task or responsibility for anything.

Also a vision in a dream, when a person is constantly falling, indicate that there is a definite concern for any disturbing issue. And such dreams often visit people who are depressed or who have suffered some great disappointment, or terrible suffering.

If you are haunted in your sleep

Another quite popular “nightmare. At the same time to pursue a dream can be anyone – a person or animal, a fantasy character or real. But in fact, as your pursuers in the dream are always some fears, worries or problems that you pursue in reality in real life.

You are lost in a dream

So your subconscious tells you that you are too indecisive in real life, got lost at a certain stage of life or are at a crossroads. Such a nightmare symbolically demonstrates your hesitation to encourage you to make a decision, to determine the direction and begin to move forward, not to stay in limbo.

Silent screaming in a dream

Many dream that they want to shout and scream but not a sound from them no crashes. In real life this may mean that you can’t Express aloud what is bothering you, or surrounded by people who can’t hear you.

If in a dream I can’t even move

Similar to the previous one what you want in a dream to move and realize that I can’t even move. With this nightmare your subconscious gives you to understand that in real life you don’t have the courage to act that you are stuck in some situation and are not willing to do anything to solve it.

To see your own death in a dream

One of the worst nightmares to see his own death. But in reality, this dream is a reflection of the changes that you currently happening or ready to happen. Usually, dreams about her own death means that your old life is coming or has come to an end and begins a new stage.

Also your death in the dream suggests that you are no longer able to confront the situation, and you need to ask for help or advice from other people.

Being naked in a dream

If you dream that you were without clothes in a public place, then such a dream shows your vulnerability and insecurity. Often such dreams are dreams, when a person is afraid not to justify someone’s expectations.

Damage to the house

House in a dream always symbolizes the person. The facade of the house says a lot about your appreciation of others, and the interior is about your inner self. If the house is damaged in a dream, it may reflect your inner feelings about the violation of integrity.

Other causes of nightmares

Nightmares can occur not only under the influence of the subconscious. In some cases, nightmares begets another. For example: sugar, chocolate, bread, juice, cocoa, yogurt and ice cream, pasta and more. And in General – food activates processes in the body, including the brain, which threatens terrible dreams. Tip one – do not eat at night. Also, avoid Smoking, drinking alcohol or caffeine less than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Also at night is not recommended to swear, to watch scary movies and pictures, to read unpleasant news, scroll in my head the events of the day or to imagine some dreadful events that, in your opinion, can happen.

The best thing you can do before going to sleep, relax, listen to music and think only good thoughts. And dreams would be good.