Cease to cheat yourself – 5 existing podd

Techno 23 January, 2018

2018-01-23 12:26

Cease to cheat yourself – 5 existing podd
Wrap — one of the main causes of unhappiness. Negative thoughts and feelings can create issues that never even happened. Most dark scenes, which we offer in our minds, based on fear and anxiety and do not help us, although we believe that excessive thinking about anything beneficial.

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In fact, we deceive ourselves, after all, is only to start thinking and stop the negative flow in the head would be difficult impossible.

Let’s look at 5 ways that will help to stop to cheat yourself:

1. Stop and focus on the positive right now.

Our society has long been dominated by negative thinking. And it’s time to “switch” only good thoughts. Make it simple – put the focus on what makes you happy or that you’re grateful for. Time after time you will notice that positive thoughts become more. Of course, this is a lengthy process in any case can not stop.

This will help you to start to feel more calm. Over time, you will cease to cheat yourself because it’s no longer going to pay attention to how much negativity was paid before.

2. Repeat positive words throughout the day.

Pay attention to your brain right now … any thoughts swirling in your head?

Most likely, you will notice that most of your brains busy thinking about what you need to do today, or that someone made you angry. Perhaps your thoughts are filled with humiliating self-criticism for any reason. In any case it is impossible to prevent such thoughts. Although, with so much negativity around us to maintain a consistent positive thinking is not always easy. However, you can actually counter the negative, stress causing thoughts are simple, encouraging you with words.

Every time you feel anxiety, say soothing words like, “Calm down. All is well.” You can imagine pleasant images, such as a light breeze on the seashore, where there is absolutely nobody around, and only calm prevails. Words have great importance and power, so use them to your advantage when you feel fatigue.

3. Constantly meditate.

When you meditate, you stop the flow of thoughts, literally bombard your mind every second, and instead go into a space where tranquility reigns and peace. Despite the fact that during meditation the brain works the same way as the rest of the time, many people feel that their thoughts slow down and they can feel a lot easier, just controlling your breathing lying down with your eyes closed. Meditation simply relaxes the body, helps to cope with daily problems.

If you want more peace in your mind and life, start to meditate. Sit back and start to focus on your breathing. Do this at least ten minutes a day on a daily basis. You will find that positive thinking becomes a reality.

4. Live in the here and now

Forget about the errands you need to run tomorrow after work or about the bills that you will have to pay next week, or the uncertainty of the future, which you have not yet arrived. When you allow such thoughts to dominate your mind, it can cause great discomfort in the body and even lead to anxiety, depression, chronic stress and other serious problems. Most often anxiety is caused because we live like in another time thinking about the problems and mistakes of the past or the difficulties of the future. At such moments, always go back to today and live in this moment. Allowing himself to just watch, “flowing from one moment to another”, as you did in childhood, you will understand what it means to feel true peace of mind.

5. Go out to the country.

Nature is the perfect way to calm a busy mind. You can leave the city on weekends or simply take a stroll during your lunch break in a nearby Park. If you do not have such opportunities, think about planning a vacation when you will be able to get away from the busy streets and shopping centers.

Remember that nature is not fighting with life, and you also do not have to go against the flow. Do not get carried away by things of the material world, because you cannot find happiness in money and material things.

In truth, rest and peace are in your heart and the planet can help you to revive this state, distracting from the turmoil and emotional stress of modern life.