Children’s puzzle about the dogs cornered adults worldwide

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 17:18

Children’s puzzle about the dogs cornered adults worldwide
Users of social networks are trying in vain to solve the problem for the children.

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In the UK, the mother of seven Schoolgirls are unable to help the child solve the puzzle about dogs and asked for help to the users of social networks.

About it writes The Daily Mail, reports Rus.Media.

“The exhibition has registered 49 dogs. Small dogs were registered 36 more than large. How many small dogs were registered?”- one may ask.

Most responded to the call for help decided that small dogs was 13.

However, later it turned out that the teacher gave the correct answer, the number of 42.5. That the answer was not an integer dogs, accused the teachers who came up with this problem for schools.

To solve the problem, you need to make the equation. The number of required small dogs should be taken for x, then “x minus 36” — the number of large dogs.

The result obtained by the equations x + (x-36) = 49 will be a 42.5.