Chinese iPhone three times changed X they were all racists

Techno 16 December, 2017

2017-12-16 07:51

Chinese iPhone three times changed X they were all racists
Another fuckup from Apple.

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Human rights defenders and the “heretics Silicon valley” has repeatedly warned the public that certain versions of artificial intelligence, learning of human culture, imbued with the prejudices and peculiarities of optics its developers, reports Rus.Media. This fact manifested itself in a paradoxical situation. A significant part of the iPhone is made in China. However, according to Russian media, the Face ID system is experiencing difficulties when trying to identify the Chinese.

The fact that in addition, Face ID learned mistress, the smartphone could unlock and colleague of the girl. As soon as the owner of a iPhone X found out, she immediately contacted Apple support. Unfortunately, representatives of the hotline didn’t believe her and the girl went to the Apple store where I bought the gadget. In the eyes of the store employees she showed the bug, taking with him a colleague. Store employees recognized that the problem most likely lies in a faulty sensor TrueDepth and replaced the smartphone.

What was the surprise of the Chinese, when the new iPhone X identified the counterpart girls. As a result, the smartphone has been again returned. Expect the Chinese to buy an iPhone X for the third time — history is silent. During the presentation, Apple explained that the number of false positives scanner Face ID are about 1 in 1 million cases. Apparently, it’s just the same case. However, the reason may lie in the problem of visual database, which “taught” the system. Inadequate attention to Asian type of appearance could lead to the fact that the device takes all “one person”.