Christmas cakes 2018: what to cook for the holiday table (photo)

Techno 6 December, 2017

2017-12-06 21:06

Christmas cakes 2018: what to cook for the holiday table (photo)
New year’s table that is going to the family, relatives, friends, invariably rich delights. Housewives eager to please their loved ones with culinary talents, but not only the taste but also the visual splendor of the food matter. .

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And there is perhaps no better way to bring to life a creative flight of fancy, than birthday cakes. What options confectioners offer to give preference to celebration of the New 2018?reports Rus.Media.

White elegance and red velvet.

Traditional red and white combination definitely will never go out of fashion. If the celebration is designed in the classics of the genre corresponding to the palette baking, be it cookies, cupcakes, brownies or cake, have the way. Designers sweet masterpieces suggest to maintain the current trend of minimalism, not making the extra art and rich decorations. Enough to make contrasting blotches on the background that decorate the product with one big picture or to play with a striped solution.

Wanting to make the dessert a striking accent to the holiday table, as the primary colors baking is selected, of course, red. Cranberry cake with cheese layer, delicately drizzled white icing, will be a truly unique and spectacular treat.

Luxury elegant meal requires baking and best of all will cope with the task of white cake to glazed porcelain dish. Milk layered cheesecake with a soft pink filling or air sponge cake with yoghurt cream, sprinkled with coconut and decorated with marzipan snowflake will certainly gather lots of compliments.

Fruit tale meringue

Delicate meringue treats perfect for Christmas treats, causing the Association with snow drifts. And the combination with bright berries and pieces of fruit gives the dessert a gorgeous festive look. Choosing the design of the cakes, you may prefer a classic or a La carte solution, to make a delicious interpretation of a Christmas wreath with a bright, rich décor, or styling a La “the garnet bracelet” using traditional decoration or cranberries, cherries, strawberries.

Funny Christmas cakes

Fun treats are appropriate not only for the kids ‘ table, they are called to give a smile and a festive mood. To surprise guests with exclusive artwork, quite a bit of ingenuity can play with forms, color palette, content, and even familiar recipes will change fresh new year’s run. For example, cupcakes in the form of a bag with gifts, which are unusual filling. Favorite “Earl ruins” easily transformirovalsya in snow mountain, where you are playing small characters of mastic. And do not be afraid of experiments, if the creative talent to create intricate compositions is not enough: the funnier, the better, and the main indicator – delicious.

Pryanikov Christmas cakes

A fragrant treat for those who can’t imagine Christmas holidays without the smell of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg. Alternative to traditional figure cakes will be cakes and pies with caramel or butter cream, sour berries or citrus slices. The highlight of the pastries – decorated in simple country style: a lack of the bright colors and artsy decorations. The emphasis is on themes (gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, men) and natural subjects (fruit bouquets, wreaths, pine branches and cones). The gingerbread dessert is a great choice for celebrating fashion with vintage entourage.

Christmas sweet cakes

In the continuation of the rural theme – the amazing homemade tarts. Here the mistress is allowed to unleash the imagination and passions, choosing the form, content and style of the dessert. Mandatory condition – the presence of cranberry. Winter berry not only adds a colorful touch of flavor, but looks very nice and symbolic (especially candied) on top of holiday treats.

Christmas sweet rolls

Another retro hi. Sweet rolls – the best selection of quick, beautiful and delicious Christmas dessert. When there is no time or opportunity for an elegant decoration of cakes, enough to make a bet on a win-win red-white combination of layers with a fabulous strawberry flavor. Add a fun touch in a light vanilla sponge cake with creamy butter cream colorful candied fruit and shaped shiny sprinkles.