Christmas image of the Zodiac sign

Techno 20 December, 2017

2017-12-20 17:19

Christmas image of the Zodiac sign
How to please the new owner – the Dog

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Tips for each Zodiac sign, how to look beautiful in the New 2018, reports Rus.Media.


Aries suit something bright – this is probably one of the few characters who even in the year of the Dog (quiet and not prone to luxury) will dress up most clearly. Like all fire signs, you will like the Golden color in the clothes and ornaments of gold. The outfit was the color of fire is also very good: red, orange, blue. Be yourself!


The bulls will adorn themselves with lots of accessories in this New year. Use natural colors and materials: blue, green, wood, rubber. To be closer to the ground – that’s your rule for this New year.


The twins stagnates in light natural fabrics: cotton and linen will be very helpful. Choose gentle colors and light: blue, beige, champagne. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary accessories.


Raki will choose something quite modest but elegant long dress, casual wrap, and let it be in pastel colours. The image that you want to achieve – romantic-suspended. And Yes, accessories are very important.


Lions, as representatives of bognanno elements, dress brightly and even with the call. Well, the king of beasts is allowed even to modest Dog. However, pay attention to yellow and earthy colors, honey and walnut colour.


Virgo will be dressed strictly, but beautiful: the entire range of yellow and gold hues at your disposal. Special attention should be paid to shoes: let it be made of natural materials, beautiful and new. Thus you will show the Dog that you are standing on a solid Foundation and not going to give in to their place.


Libra choose light and magic outfit: you must be like a butterfly in this New year. Choose natural colors: light blue, light green, lemon yellow. Don’t go overboard with the decorations, let it be humbly and delicately.


Scorpions allow myself more than others. Deep and dense color that will show your qualities as widely as possible. Feel free to look brighter than the other. Would be a great idea to sew a new suit especially for the New year.


Archers will be able to present yourself in the most favourable light, if use all his charm. Dress in the colors of fire: yellow, blue, red. The brightness of the image may emphasize the look: pay special attention to his head. It must be something unusual, attractive. Just let your hair down – not your option in this New year.


Capricorns will pay special attention to additional measures. Your fragrance should be light and citrus – so you will attract the necessary assistance and support Dogs. Dress up in something plain and simple: lemon party pencil dress is what you need.


Aquarians will be able to hit all the original way: we even will not advise, you will come up with your outfit. The stars say that you in this New year special freedom – use it. And yet, a dress in blue tones can be a wonderful base for your Christmas image.


Fish recommended subtle shades and materials. The simpler you are dressed, the better. However, do not forget interesting details: for example, a gold bracelet and earrings with clear stones.