Clean vinegar and 5 more ways on how to care for ugg winter

Techno 20 January, 2018

2018-01-20 20:22

Clean vinegar and 5 more ways on how to care for ugg winter
Salt and other reagents on the roads in winter is a real test for our shoes, and particularly affected ugg boots.

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Much wet in the puddles (a sudden warming during the day to -10 to +3), washed in the machine (in any case, don’t do that!) or dried in the battery can be discarded. How to properly clean ugg boots in the winter, so they were like new, read our article.

Special brush

First, we need to shake off all the dirt from the surface of the ugg. For this you will need a suede brush (it is, of course, must be clean). Carefully removed the dirt to raise the NAP of the fabric, and then pass to water procedures.

Water around the head!

Ugg boots can be washed in the machine, although there are exceptions: you can put them into a cotton package, tie it tight and turn on the “wool” setting, but no guarantee that after this experiment you’ll be able to wear them, no. It is better to consult the proven way — with a damp cloth wipe the surface.


Just remember, the most important condition for the drying — room temperature. Therefore, uggs get away from the heat source (the battery or the heater), otherwise there will be stains! If the cleaning was thorough and the surface of the boots is very wet, be sure to put inside ugg crumpled newspaper or paper towels.

What’s the vinegar?

Vinegar — the best tool in the fight against stains from salt and chemicals, if at hand was not a special cream. So, mix in equal proportions, four tablespoons of 7% vinegar and five tablespoons of water. Wipe the boots, then carefully pass a clean wet cloth to remove the solution and set to dry.

Smell? No, not heard!

Although experts do not recommended to wear ugg boots, but they are comfortable all winter you do not want to get out of them. With frequent wear, of course, can cause unpleasant smell (sweaty feet). You can use a special spray or take a spoonful of baking soda and place inside to hold the leg of the boot with your hand and shake it. Leave the boots overnight and then flip it around and vitrani the entire baking soda.

Deduce stains from oil

Take white chalk (if not, more suitable talc or corn starch), apply it on the stain and leave it for the night. In the morning shake off the remnants, you can wear ugg boots to work.