Clever tricks that you just begin to use it every day!

Techno 1 March, 2018

2018-03-01 21:55

Clever tricks that you just begin to use it every day!
No one likes a boring household chores.

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No one likes a boring household chores. Daily routine for diligent Housewives so tiring!

But everything changes if you know the tricks of the treatment of certain items and cleaning… These useful life hacks for you. I hope you will remember them in time and will be glad of their efficiency!

Life hacks that will make life easier

1. Easiest way to get rid of dust and crumbs between the keys of the keyboard: ordinary stickers! Always do, reports Rus.Media.

2. If the Velcro is dirty, use an old toothbrush to clean it.

Move the brush in one direction along parallel rows. You will pull all the debris that spoils the appearance of the Velcro and allows it to hook!

3. To extend the life of your safety razor, put it in vodka after use.

This will increase the service life of any razor — it will not be so quick to blunt. In addition, it is an excellent method of disinfection.

4. If you forgot to remove from his pocket a napkin or a ticket, while washing the thing will suffer.

Remove the unpleasant paper pellets will help the aspirin! Add a couple of tablets in water, soak in this solution the clothes — a perfect score!

5. If you’re looking for on the floor of a tiny thing such as a contact lens or piece of glass, put the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner nylon pantyhose.

6. To sharpen blunt scissors, use a glass jar.

With scissors cut the glass with light pressure the edge of the blades immediately worsen.

7. To clean leather or any other bag from unpleasant odors to help ash!

Put in the bag sock with dry baking soda and leave overnight.

8. Here’s how to pour the water into the bucket, no hose!

9. To rescue or feed the plants, use watering mix of coffee and water.

Boil the ground coffee, as usual, dissolve with water in ratio 1 : 1. Precious fertilizer!

10. If in the kitchen bred fruit flies, do not hurry to get upset!

Mix 30 ml of vodka, 3-4 drops of liquid dishwashing and 400 ml of water. Process this mixture in the habitat of insects and they will disappear quickly.

11. A great idea is to clean the shoes of old nylon tights.

Especially good trick works with suede shoes! Wipe your favorite pair of tights, and you will immediately see the difference.